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5 Body Positive Instagram Accounts You'll Want In Your Feed

We're constantly inundated with images of super fit, super toned women via every medium imaginable, including our Instagram feeds. While these accounts may serve as motivation for some folks, your best bet for uninterrupted, objective inspiration comes in the form of body positive accounts. We are taking a look at some of our favorites below. You'll feel inspired to begin a healthier relationship with your body with every follow.

Body Positive Instagram Accounts to Follow


Helmed by Dr. Alexis Conason, @theantidietplan is filled with quotes, statistics and beautiful artwork that focuses on intuitive eating and reworking our mindsets to accept a body-neutral approach. "Life is too short to spend it at war with yourself," reads one design.

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Counselor Ashlee Bennett created this Instagram account as a way to get her teachings out into the world. Can't book an online appointment with her? Her feed is a great starting point to begin embracing body positive beliefs. One of her quotes we love: "Body size isn't an achievement."


This body positive Instagram account was created by model Tess Holliday. It celebrates men and women of all sizes and shares their glamour shots and quotes.


Journalist Radhika Sanghani launched a body positive initiative/hashtag called #sideprofileselfie to highlight "imperfections," like "my nose," she once said. Since starting it, Sanghani has received messages from followers who are thankful to the writer for being so open about her insecurities. "Slowly I'm falling in love my big, crooked nose," Sanghani previously told ES Magazine of starting the campaign.


Bo Stanley is an athlete, supermodel, and body positive ambassador. "It's not about pinning women against each other and saying this is more beautiful than that," Stanley writes on Instagram. "It’s about showing that beauty comes in many shapes and sizes." 

Photos: @tessholliday/Instagram

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