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Mastered A Skincare Routine But Still Breaking Out? Here's What You're Doing Wrong

If you’re following an approved skincare routine and continue experiencing regular blemishes, you may need to make a few changes to your current regimen. Keep reading to find out what you can be tweaking as you embark on your journey to glowing skin.

You’re Not Washing Your Pillowcases

Another reason you should be washing your sheets and pillowcases more often than you think: dirty pillowcases can lead to breakouts. Why? Because they accumulate oil, bacteria and dirt, which your skin is coming in contact with once your cheek hits that pillow.

You’re Sleeping with Your Hair Down

You may be spreading dirt, which will undeniably graze your face, if you go to bed with your hair down. This is an easy fix, though. Just secure your hair in a ponytail and voilà: you’re one step closer to healthier skin. 

You’re Not Cleaning Your Skincare Devices

Cleansing facial brushes are a godsend, of course, but “bacteria can stick to the brush and can also cause your skin to break out” when they’re not cleaned, according to makeup artist Frozon Safi.

You’re Not Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

It’s not just your facial cleansing brushes you need to be mindful of; regularly cleaning your makeup brushes with antibacterial soap or unscented shampoo is also needed. Do this at least once every two weeks and set your brushes to dry brush-side down to avoid damaging the bristles.

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You’re Not Washing Your Hands Before Washing Your Face

Before you even think of tackling your skincare routine, remember to wash your hands. You use your hands throughout the day, every day, so it’s no surprise that deep-cleaning them (and your fingernails) is recommended before even touching your face.

You’re Over-Exfoliating

Exfoliating is good for your skin; but doing it too often (i.e. more than twice a week, max) can do the opposite. “If you over-exfoliate, it’s going to make things worse,” says senior makeup artist Maria Castro. “It’s just going to dry out your skin and probably make you break out even more.”

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