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A DIY Face Mist That's Perfect For Summer

Face mists are booming in popularity these days, and it's no surprise why. Face mists are not only great for your skin (provided they are made with high-quality ingredients), they also feel extremely refreshing, especially on a hot summer day. Nothing feels quite as luxurious as spritzing a light, soothing mist onto your skin to nourish and calm it.

We particularly love this DIY face mist because it's easy to make at home and great for taking with you on the go. Cucumber is an extremely soothing ingredient, helping to calm redness and irritation that may accompany days out in the sun (though you should try to keep this at bay by using a good sunscreen in the first place!). Meanwhile, aloe vera helps to moisturize and soothe, and rosewater balances the skin, helping to reduce the appearance of pores and keep skin moist and healthy.

A few things to know about face mists: Make sure you're not overusing them, and try to pat the mist into your skin after use. Leaving water on your skin without patting it in can actually cause moisture loss, because as water evaporates off the skin, it takes moisture with it. In the morning and evening, follow your face mist with a high-quality moisturizer. If spritzing it on while you're on the go, pat the mist into your skin to ensure the ingredients are well-absorbed and moisture isn't lost.

diy face mist

This mask is suitable for all skin types, thanks to its soothing and balancing properties. You may find that regular use of this mist helps promote skin moisture, balances blemish-prone skin and soothes irritated skin, whether from breakouts or sun exposure.

All you have to do is combine these ingredients into your favorite spritzer bottle, shake everything together and store in a cool, dry place. We particularly love using a glass spritzer bottle for this kind of spray, because glass helps avoid the potential presence of BPA and other chemicals present in plastic bottles.

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