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By: Grace Gavilanes

There are two types of people who celebrate Halloween: those who prefer to DIY their costumes at the very last minute and those who choose intricate get-ups that are so good, even their ex’s current flame will be impressed.

While the latter person’s costume may get all the ‘likes’ on Instagram, wiping off all that makeup at the end of the night could mean a one-way trip to struggle city. Good news is that ridding your face of heavy Halloween makeup isn’t so different from cleansing your face of wedding-day or special-occasion makeup.

Keep these expert tips handy, from veteran makeup artist Frozon Safi (@makeupandhairbyfrozon), when it’s time to part with your spooky look.

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Wipe It All Off

As is true with removing any amount of makeup, being thorough is a must if healthy skin is what you’re after. This is made possible by using the correct products.

“Don’t just use any wipe to remove the makeup,” Safi tells Lively, adding that baby wipes are not nearly as effective as makeup removal wipes.

And in case you were wondering: no, taking a wipe to your face shouldn’t be the only step in your removal routine. Still need some back-up? Add micellar water to a cotton ball and begin wiping away excess makeup. Micellar water also provides your skin with some much-needed hydration.

Don’t Forget to Cleanse

“Although you may feel that the wipe is enough, don’t go to sleep without cleansing your face,” Safi continues, sharing that she uses Lancôme’s Crème Mousse Confort Cleanser to assure that her own face is makeup-free. “The oils that are usually in facial wipes can cause your pores to become clogged and the excess dirt that is left on the skin can cause your skin to break out.”

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While Safi herself uses her freshly-washed hands, she is not against using facial cleansing brushes. The only thing, she warns, is you must remember to frequently clean your brush heads with an unscented soap or shampoo for optimal results.

If not, “bacteria can stick to the brush and can also cause your skin to break out,” she says.

Top off your new routine with moisturizer and you’ll be well on your way to impressively glowing skin, long after Halloween night.

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