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by gigi rone

It’s still early in the year, but you’re probably already fed up with detoxes. Just about everyone makes plans to rid themselves of unnecessary things in January. There’s something enticing about starting a gunk-free year that makes you feel ready to take on the next 11 months. However, if you’re like many of us, those plans are more fun to talk about than to bring to life. In fact, it’s not uncommon for people to quit their detox halfway through. 

No worries, here’s an easy plan you can stick to. It’s the makeup bag detox, designed to de-clutter and clean up your everyday beauty routine. This detox probably sounds like an unnecessary chore to add to your list of things to do in 2019. But remember the old saying: “a cluttered house is a cluttered mind.” The same can be said for your makeup bag. No one should face a mascara-smeared, stuffed-to-capacity space each day. Keep reading to find out how to easily detox your makeup bag.

How to Clean Up Your Makeup Bag

Choose the Right Bag

Your makeup bag, not its contents, has more power than you know. You can use it to empower you or calm you depending on what type of bag you have. If your days are filled with self-doubt or bad vibes, pulling a small beauty bag from your purse that reminds you “happy girls are the prettiest” could be just the pick-me-up you need to move forward with confidence. It may sound silly, but these types of small reassurances throughout the day have been found to break through our flow of negative self-talk.

On the other hand, if your days are full of stress, grabbing a beauty bag with peaceful scenery can bring a bit of balance to your cluttered day. Next, you’ll want a bag that is easy for you to carry around from home to the gym to work. Maybe this means one with handles, or maybe you’ll need one with straps.  The first step to the makeup bag detox, is picking a bag that fits your personal, day-to-day needs. One that brings you peace and is easy to carry.

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makeup bag detox

Nix the Extras

Its fun to be a makeup junkie. Owning every new mascara and every season’s best shade of red is something to be proud of. The problem is when you start carrying around all these products in your makeup bag. Let’s be honest: We all have our dependable products that give us our favorite everyday look. It’s best to only carry those products in your bag. Keep your extra products in a kit or stored somewhere easily accessible, so you can grab them when you want to create a special look. There’s no need to carry them around to the gym and work. Look in your bag now. If you’re a makeup junkie, you likely have three mascaras (one that’s too old to use), several lipsticks, and a few foundations stuffed in there. If so, it’s time to de-clutter.

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It’s Time to Make Decisions

Perhaps you have come to terms that you have way too many products in your makeup bag, but you’re not sure which to store away. It depends on your everyday beauty aesthetic, but a good beauty bag should have a concealer stick for mid-day touch-ups, powder to refresh your look, a retractable powder brush (saves space), lipstick, gloss, and refresher spray. And remember: If you’re having to reapply foundation, mascara or liner, it’s probably time to upgrade.

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