By: Grace Gavilanes

If “refine my skincare routine,” is on your list of resolutions, you’re in luck. We’ve got tons of resources to help you achieve that goal. But first, you’ll want to answer this very important question before embarking on any type of skin-perfecting journey: Is your morning skincare routine different from your nighttime routine? The correct answer is yes, because they should vary A.M. to P.M. If you answered no, you’re not alone.

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Chances are most of us have grown accustomed to a singular regimen – and we don’t blame those who’ve chosen this route. It’s easier to remember one step-by-step process instead of two. But following more than one routine every day doesn’t need to be arduous. It is an important daily to-do, however.

We enlisted the help of Chicago-based esthetician Hannah Hartz to help us break down why we need a different skincare routine in the daytime vs. nighttime. The truth behind this recommendation might surprise you. 

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Our Skincare Routine in the Daytime vs. the Nighttime

“Your skin faces different struggles on a daily basis,” Hartz tells Lively. “Going out during the day, your skin is accosted by toxins, pollutants and UV rays.” This is why adding on a layer of SPF moisturizer underneath your makeup (or on a bare, makeup-free face) is super important.

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“While you sleep, your skin spends all night regenerating itself, leaving behind dead skin cells and excess oils on the surface. Additionally, you will have accumulated foreign oils from your pillow and hair products,” Hartz continues.

These differing skin types require products to help stimulate the skin’s collagen production as well as aiding in its regeneration. “For your nighttime routine, you will want to remove all traces of these toxins with the help of retinoids and nourishing hydrators,” she says. “This allows your skin to go back to regenerating itself as much as possible while you sleep. This is the glorious cycle of attack and repair.”