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Why You Should Still Exfoliate Your Winter Skin

Winter skin can be confusing. While you may be tempted to lather on serums and moisturizers to help combat dry skin (and you should!), that’s not all we’re expected to do when temps are at a low. That’s right – regular exfoliation is still a must in the winter.

Why You Should Still Exfoliate Your Winter Skin

Regularly exfoliating – we’re talking two to three times a week – is an important step in your skincare routine. Why? Because it helps to “refresh” your complexion and helps to remove dead skin cells. The key is to be gentle and not to over-exfoliate.

“This will just dry you out more, irritate your skin and cause even more flakes,” Chicago-based esthetician Hannah Hartz tells Lively of the harmful effects of over-exfoliation. “Keep your exfoliation to just a couple times a week and keep it gentle. As your skin heals and becomes more hydrated, the flakes will diminish on their own."

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And what comes next after exfoliating? “… Slather on your hydrating serum and follow it up with a nice rich moisturizer,” Hartz continues. “You can even top it all off with a nighttime oil or sleeping mask to help seal the hydration in more while you sleep.”

Winter Skin’s BFF: A Natural DIY Scrub

If you are looking for a gentle exfoliator, look no further than this DIY recipe using a fan-favorite Vital Proteins product. All you really need, outside of the following pantry staples, is our Beef Gelatin! Just mix a scoop of our Beef Gelatin to natural exfoliators like sugar or oats for an amazing exfoliating scrub.

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