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Want Soft, Silky Hair? Start Here

If you've ever gotten your hair professionally done, then you're aware your hair has the potential to be super soft and silky. For an at-home experience that promises salon-worthy hair, consider celebrity hair stylist,Ryan Richman's expert tips. Soft, silky hair is right this way.

How can I make my hair soft and silky?

There's no such thing as hair that's too soft. Silky hair looks shiny and healthy, and it feels really good, too. So, how can you make your hair feel naturally soft and silky? Richman shared the following suggestions with Lively, which are super easy to incorporate into your daily routine — no expensive new tools necessary. 

Use a silk pillowcase 

Less friction over time will reduce damage to your cuticle.

Dry your hair with a soft, absorbent towel 

An ordinary towel causes a lot of friction and may damage your cuticle. Leave your hair wrapped in the towel for a while and allow the towel to do most of your drying instead of a blow dryer as heat also causes damage. If you don't have a hair-specific towel, try a soft shirt. 

Use lower heat settings on your tools 

Most people use their tools on the maximum setting and in most cases that’s unnecessary. Less heat on your hair over time will provide softer healthier hair.

Don't vigorously brush your hair when it's wet 

Use a Tangle Teezer brush and start at the ends and gently brush out some of the knots working your way up to the roots. The Tangle Teezer is a cult classic and will make your life much easier. To further reduce potential damage, wait until your hair is dry and continue using your Tangle Teezer to remove the remaining knots.

How do hairdressers make hair so soft? 

If you’re like the majority, you leave the salon with bouncy, shiny hair and you vow that, this time, you will learn to recreate the look at home, only to give up after your attempt at at-home styling falls flat (literally). So, how do hair stylists make hair so soft?

"Hairstylists make hair soft with proper product choice and the correct tools," Richman says, adding: "It's definitely worth investing in a good round brush." Stay away from metal because when the metal heats up, it is causing more damage to the hair. Use a wood cored / handled round brush with mixed bristles. The combination of bristles will polish the hair as you dry. Make sure to use a brush that will provide tension when drying. "The key to a smooth, shiny blow dry is the blow dryer and the tension from the brush," he shares, so you'll want to make sure your head is moving away from the blow dryer, not with it.


A heat protectant is key in making sure you don't further damage hair in the styling process. There are many on the market, but Richman recommends theMonat Studio One Thermal Protect Styling Shield, which will minimize heat damage and add shine.

Even if you're not getting a haircut, you can still fake the look of smooth, healthy ends, which will make your hair look more shiny and silky. "Monat Rejuvabeads is the product you need! Rejuvabeads selectively targets and mends split ends and other damaged or stressed areas along the hair shaft." 

Richman also recommends using a detangler before brushing to help the brush glide through your hair and remove knots easily. 

How can I hydrate my hair at home?

Just like skin gets dry and dull in the winter, so does hair. You can hydrate your hair at home by using a moisturizing product line, Richman says. He recommends

Monat Advanced Hydrating Hair Care Collection, which includes a shampoo, conditioner, mask and serum, but there are tons of lines on the market. By using all products from the same line, you can ensure that all the ingredients are working together and not counteracting each other.

You can also make a DIY hair mask using moisturizing ingredients (like olive oil, avocado or even honey.)

"Apply your mask liberally," Richman tells Lively. "Use a comb to distribute the product throughout the hair. Use a shower cap to keep the heat in while the mask is on. This will allow the cuticle to open and the mask to penetrate the hair. Wash your hair and apply your mask at the beginning of your shower so you can continue the rest of your shower routine while [it] sits."

So, while you may not be able to totally recreate the look of professionally styled hair, a combination of the right products and the right technique will get you naturally silky-soft hair at home.

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