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Add These Fall 2020 Beauty Trends To Your Routine

There are so many things to love about fall. The changing leaves, that first sip of a pumpkin-spiced something and cozy cardigans that make you feel like you’re in a Taylor Swift video. It also marks the arrival of fresh beauty trends that you’re bound to see everywhere this season.

To unleash the trendsetter in you, check out this list of fall beauty trends to try in 2020 (Bonus: All are mask — and beauty expert — approved!).

Fall Beauty Trends To Try In 2020

Fall Beauty Trends To Try In 2020

floating eyeliner

Celebrity makeup artist, Michaeline Becker, is loving this fresh take on eyeliner. Instead of donning eyeliner on the lash line, the trick is to draw the line higher, in-between the brow and eye crease. “It definitely brings more attention to the eye and puts a spotlight on your makeup.”

While you can wear any color, she does recommend changing up which type of eyeliner pencil you’re using. For example, “[try] using a waterproof eyeliner pencil if you want a bold line (and unlimited color options), or a felt tip eyeliner for a delicate, precise line,” she says.

If you’re a bit too timid for this bold look, she suggests trying it out for Halloween first.  

Fall Beauty Trends

a heavy focus on eyes and brows

Thanks to masks, brows and eyes are now the focal points of the face. With this comes the importance of keeping them in tip-top shape. 

While eyelash extensions provide a dramatic overhaul to your regular wisps, it does take a lot of work to get them touched up every couple of weeks. A great alternative that extends your lashes (as well as the results) is a lash lift.

“A lift is done on your natural lashes and lasts 8-10 weeks, depending on your hair growth,” explains Melina Cespedes, Celeb Brow and Lash Guru and Founder of Lash Society Miami.

Since a brow pencil can only get you so far, Cespedes is a fan of the new henna brow trend. This is a treatment that provides longer-lasting dream brows by temporarily dyeing the skin (2-3 weeks) and hair (6-8 weeks).

While you’re at it, you can treat your brows to another trendy treatment: a brow lamination “which is like a lash lift but for your brows.” 

stained lips

“They give the perfect amount of tint to your pout and will not smear or rub off on the inside of your mask,” says Becker. “If you want a barely-there lip color, apply some of the lip stain to your finger first and then dab it on to your lips until dry.”

For a deeper color, she suggests swiping on more of the lip stain to build the color. “Pro tip: Lip stains can usually double as a glowy natural cheek blush.”

Fall Beauty Trends

fall hair colors

Just as the leaves change, so does hair color. From copper hues to fiery reds to warm caramel, these are the colors that are turning heads.   

Brunettes: Giselle, a Celebrity Colorist at Pierre Michel Salon, says that the “it” color for ash brunettes this fall is honey + cinnamon. Not to be confused with a delicious drink, this hair color adds warmth and richness. 

Prefer to take a walk on the dark side? Peep this next trend for brunettes: “Deep dark browns on the verge of black,” explains Gina Rivera, Beauty Expert and Founder of Phenix Salon Suites & Colours by Gina. “Combined this rich hue with a shine serum and you’ll definitely be wearing one of the most sought-after colors of the year.” 

Blondes: According to Kerry Yates, Beauty Expert and Founder of Colour Collective, people are more adventurous than ever with their hair lately. This has resulted in lighter colors in general — not just blonde. 

“Most importantly, the brighter colour is not just one colour but a mix of complimentary colours going from one to two levels darker to lighter than the main shade,” says Yates. “The result is beautiful especially when the hair is naturally wavy/curly.” Giselle adds that cooler blondes can warm up this fall by adding golden and honey tones. 

Reds: Good news, redheads! There are so many trendy colors to choose from right now. The first, according to Rivera, is a rich mahogany color. “You’re sure to see warm shades of chestnut mixed with auburn overtones that create a sexy and sophisticated look.”

Another bold look Rivera has been seeing is vibrant electric reds that have almost a pastel feel to them. “It’s a striking look that’s sure to be very edgy and fun.”

Whether you’re coloring your hair at home (check out our advice on that) or visiting a COVID- safe salon, Giselle recommends only using products that are sulfate-free and made for color-treated hair. “They are gentler and won’t strip the color.”

Whatever the color, boost your locks with Vital Proteins Hair Boost™. These plant-based capsules are made with hair-healthy vitamins, such as Vitamin A, B6 and D, as well as biotin to give your hair the TLC it needs.

glossy skin

Now that summer is over, having glossy skin won’t immediately get mistaken for sweat. “This dewy trend makes the skin look super hydrated and healthy,” says Becker. “Not to mention, it offers some serious cheekbone highlight.” 

To get the look, she says to mix a few drops of face oil into your daily moisturizer to pump up the glossy effect. Once you’re done putting on your makeup, skip your setting powder altogether or just lightly powder your T-zone and leave the sides of your face dewy.

“If you want to amp up the shine even more, check out a glass highlighter.” (She loves this one by BECCA Cosmetics). 

Fall Beauty Trends

a nourished scalp

There are a lot of trends in the hair department this fall. In addition to gorgeous hues, there are many popular hairstyles as well. According to Rivera, this includes asymmetrical cuts, such as the lob and even pixie cuts, which can be worn every way from spikes to sleek. 

But getting there starts with nourishing the scalp — something that that Dr. Sharleen St. Surin-Lord, Medical Director of Visage Dermatology and Aesthetics Center and Visage Clinical Research, has been seeing rising in popularity. 

Gylcolic acid cleanses may not sound trendy, but they do the scalp good. The same goes for Acetic Acid (apple cider vinegar) cleanses, which can be done at home.  

Finally, hair masks are always in style. “Hair masks improve luster and moisture and hair serums as well as foregoing chemical relaxers for more natural trends,” says Dr. St. Surin-Lord. 

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