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Glow on Your Wedding Day with These Skincare Tips

By: Gigi Rone

Now that spring is here, we’re inching closer and closer to wedding season. What is supposed to be a highlight for some women is often the single most stress-inducing event one will have to experience. When we say “yes,” our minds likely aren’t processing the work that comes along with this response. For many, weddings require months of planning everything from logistics to legalities to table placements. And while it’s hard not to stress about such a major milestone, one thing you shouldn’t have to stress about is your bridal beauty look. With forward planning, you can look and feel exactly like the beautiful bride you dream to be.

The following beauty timeline is easy to follow and ensures a glowing bridal look that is worry- and stress-free. Trust us: you’ll have enough to worry about – looking and feeling beautiful on your big day shouldn’t be one. 

Three Months Out

A ‘beauty from within’ focus will be the best beauty decision you’ll make at this juncture. Decide on a routine that meets your beauty needs and do not deviate from it (no cheat days!).  Every day and week you put into your routine will bring you closer to stress-free, low-maintenance beauty on your big day that looks both gorgeous and healthy. Incorporating regular workouts and mostly clean eating should be your priorities. Try adding Vital Proteins Collagen Beauty Glow – which contains collagen peptides, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and biotin – to your diet. Your skin will glow from the inside-out.

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One Month Out

Facials. This is a great time to start treatments that include retinoids and acids.  Retinoids and acids (think glycolic for dull skin, lactic for hyperpigmentation, and ferulic for fine lines) remain the most reliable topical approach to improve common skin concerns. Because of their strength, starting treatments at the one-month mark will give your skin enough time to get accustomed to the acids and benefit from the treatments. One month can involve anywhere from 2-4 treatments, either weekly or bi-weekly. It really depends on your skin’s starting point and sensitivity tolerance.

bridal beauty look

One Week Out

Challenge yourself. A weeklong water and veggies challenge, or something of the sort, is a great way to combat low energy. Hang that wedding dress where you can see it to stay motivated. 

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The Night Before

Sleep. This advice may seem too obvious but take it from brides that know – weddings are exhausting! Be sure to conserve your energy with a good night’s rest. If wedding nerves get the best of you, take our Sleep Collagen Shot, which contains snooze-inducing functional ingredients like GABA, melatonin, and magnesium.

The Big Day

You have likely practiced your day-of makeup with your makeup artist already, so this process should be straightforward. Remember to spritz your final look with a nutrient-rich setting spray that keeps the look in place. Find one with calming ingredients to avoid potentially negative skin reactions.

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