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Take Note: 6 Collagen Products You Should Be Using This Winter

By: Sarah Schuh

We blinked and winter was here. (How did that happen!?) If you’re anything like us — still trying to pull those heavy-duty sweaters out of the drawer — we’re willing to bet you could also use a little boost when it comes to your wellness plan over the colder months. 

As the days become longer and darker, your mind, body and all require a little more love. And at Vital Proteins, collagen is the best way we know how. While our collagen products all share the same goal – to help support stronger hair, skin, nails, and joints** – some of them also contain individual functional ingredients that set them apart. Today, we’re here to the ones we think will help you live a fuller life as you head into the season. So grab your coziest socks and herbal tea and scroll on to learn more.

1. Collagen Water™

Collagen Water

Hydration is essential during the dry, winter months. And with a recommendation to drink between 6-8 cups, it can feel like a lot (especially when you don’t have the help of warmer weather to increase your motivation to do so). Therefore, we suggest reaching for a Collagen Water™ available in 6 refreshing flavors — Lemon Slice, Peach White Tea, Strawberry Lemon, Blueberry Mint, Lemon Ginger and Blackberry Hibiscus — to mix it up. Bonus: They come packed with 10g of collagen in every serving, which you can feel good about as you hydrate away through your day.

2. Collagen Peptides

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

We couldn’t not include our little blue tub! Besides containing bovine collagen, our OG product now boasts two additional ingredients: skin-loving Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C, which is said to help promote the body's natural collagen production**. This collagen offering is super versatile, considering that it's flavorless and odorless. Plus, it’s soluble in hot or cold liquids, which makes for a perfect addition to your favorite warm beverages and favorite winter recipes.

3. Pink Moon Milk Collagen Latte

Poosh Moonmilk Recipe

Throw on your coziest flannel jammies and sip on this comforting collagen latte supplement. The strawberry-flavored drink is a nighttime fave around here since it offers 10g of bone broth collagen plus melatonin and magnesium. Simply add to hot water, hot milk or your favorite hot non-dairy alternative for a creamy collagen treat that’ll warm and soothe you before drifting off to sleep. Sweet dreams! Head to for international shipping!

4. Collagen Defense Shot 

Vital Proteins Collagen Shot

Looking for a way to add "protect and defend" to your wellness routine? Meet our Collagen Defense Shot. This portable and delightful Collagen Shot includes 7g of collagen peptides and 300mg of turmeric to support your overall health**. Plus, as an added bonus for your skin, it includes 60mg of Hyaluronic Acid to maintain the skin's hydration and elasticity. All of that in a 2 oz. bottle? Winter doesn't stand a chance.

5. Collagen Bars™

Vital Proteins Collagen Bars

Have you heard the news? We recently launched our Collagen Bars™ and the timing couldn’t be any more ideal. You can take your collagen with you on your commute, holiday travels or to the gym to tackle your New Year’s resolutions. With 12g of collagen and 3g of sugar or less per serving, our Collagen Bars™ one of the easiest ways to boost your collagen intake during any snack break.

6. Chocolate Cherry Almond Collagen Latte 

Vital Proteins Chocolate Cherry Almond

‘Tis the season for drinking festive lattes! Skip your coffee stop (and save money for holiday shopping!) with this make-at-home treat packed with 10g of collagen. Beyond the sweet chocolate-cherry-almond taste, it offers purpose-driven ingredients like organic Ashwagandha root extract, chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid to support overall wellness** as you sip. Trust us: The delightful flavoring will have you feeling extra merry long after the holidays are over! 

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.