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10 Influencers Review Our Collagen Bars™

Vital Proteins has aimed to help consumers live their most vibrant life since 2013 – and today, with the launch of our NEW Collagen Bars™, we can continue to do so as a food and beverage company!

So, what’s so great about this new way to consume collagen? For one, each Collagen Bar™ contains 12g of collagen, 16-17g of protein, 6-8g of fiber and 4g sugar or less, making it a bar that’s worth biting for due to its better-for-you nutritional makeup. Plus, boasting 6 flavors – Chocolate Almond Sea Salt, Lemon Vanilla, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Mixed Berry, Mint Chocolate and Raspberry Lemon – in its lineup, you’re bound to find your new favorite way to snack in no time.

Still not ready to bite? Check out what the following Instagram influencers have to say about our newest collagen product.

collagen bar reviews

What Vital Proteins Collagen Bars™ Are Really Like, According to Influencers

collagen bars reviews

“Holy s--- these are good.”

"I like that it tastes like a dessert but is healthy and has that source of collagen for my daily intake. Also, it’s the perfect quick snack to carry around in my travel or gym bag."

  • @silvyaraujo, on our Peanut Butter Chocolate Collagen Bar™

“This is literally the ultimate convenience … I love that I can have it as an afternoon snack.”

"Perfect post-surf snack with 17g of protein to hold me over before my usual post-surf donuts."

“…  The Lemon Vanilla Collagen Bar™ is freakin’ bomb. It’s really delicious. My rule with protein bars is that it needs to have less than 3g of sugar and more than 10g of protein and again, this one has 17g of protein and 1g of sugar.”

“Collagen Bars™, the perfect on-the-go snack!”

“Taste tested and approved!”

“Actually, really frickin’ good. Honestly was worried because I don’t like bars but this tastes like lemon cake.”

“WOW I am shocked at how good these @vitalproteins Collagen Bars™ are!!”

“This tastes like lemon cake, so bomb! It’s a chewy texture and not dry at all, which I love!