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Why Travelers Are Loving Vital Proteins Collagen Shots

By: Grace Gavilanes

Planning a trip anytime soon? Any avid traveler will tell you it’s a good idea to be prepared, especially when it comes to finalizing your packing list. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with a new must-bring travel item: Vital Proteins Collagen Shots!

Aside from its benefits – like a glowing complexion or sense of calm – each Collagen Shot is the perfect addition to your personal item or carry-on because it is under the 3.5 oz. liquid container rule. Our Collagen Shots come in at 2 fl oz., giving you the opportunity to experience the wellness boosts Zen, Sleep, Glow, Defense, Cleanse and Restore has to offer, mid-flight.

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Each of our Collagen Shots are loaded with 7g of collagen in every serving and are free of artificial flavors and sweeteners. Every Collagen Shot also contains 60mg of hyaluronic acid, a powerhouse ingredient that helps to support skin hydration and elasticity. Keep reading to find out which Collagen Shot you should be bringing on your next trip.

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A Quick Breakdown of Vital Proteins Collagen Shots


Speed up your body’s recovery with Restore. Containing good-for-you ingredients like tart cherry and turmeric, this shot is sure to become your new favorite post-workout aid.


Treat yourself to a glowing complexion with our skin-saving, strawberry lemon elixir. Ingredients Biotin & Vitamin C help to enhance our body’s ability to produce collagen and support overall hair, skin, and nail health.


Protect & defend! With 300mg of turmeric, supporting your overall health is just a shot away. Looking for a way to help protect your body? Defense will quickly become your go-to.


Enjoy the sweetest dream with our delicate blend of blueberry and lavender to help you clock in those zzzz’s. Ingredients like MelatoninMagnesium and GABA help to support relaxation and a deep, restorative night’s sleep.


The gut check you’ve always needed! Our Cleanse shot – loaded with apple cider vinegar, raspberry juice and lemon juice – is the ideal digestion aid for when you’re on the move.


Find your inner peace with Zen, a shot that’s infused with relaxing chamomile and citrus notes. Ingredients L-theanine and Magnesium Citrate pull double duty (so you don’t have to!) to help support relaxation and mental alertness.

Ready to give your health a real shot? Visit to snag yours today. If you’re not ready to try our Collagen Shots, consider bringing any of our stick packs on your next getaway.