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These Vital Proteins® Products Contain Hyaluronic Acid

We’ve always been advised to not use products with hard-to-pronounce ingredients, but hyaluronic acid (HA) is the exception to that rule. Our cells actually produce HA to balance moisture levels, making it all-natural, but its production unfortunately begins to decline as we age. HA holds other health benefits, but in terms of skincare, it provides gentle hydration without acting as an exfoliant like other acids do. HA is known as a “humectant” and acts like a sponge to help retain water for plumper, softer skin. 

Of course, everybody’s skin is different. But the good thing about HA is that it helps all people, whether they have dry, oily or combination complexions. "Since dehydrated skin is a condition that can occur in any skin type, we can all benefit from using products with hyaluronic acid," Dana Murray, a licensed esthetician and Babe & Beauty blogger, tells Lively. "Skin that becomes dehydrated — meaning lack of water — often tries to overcompensate to 'fix' itself by overproducing oil which can lead to breakouts, greasy-yet-tight-feeling skin and accentuated fine lines."

Ready to introduce more hyaluronic acid to your day? We have a handful of Vital Proteins products that boast HA as a standout ingredient. See them all below. 

The Vital Proteins Products That Contain Hyaluronic Acid

vital proteins hyaluronic acid

Skin Hydration Boost™

Your skin’s superpower! Our Skin Hydration Boost™ helps to maintain skin’s moisture levels thanks to its contents: 120mg of hyaluronic acid, 2x daily value vitamin C and 5x daily value biotin.

vital proteins hyaluronic acid

Complexion Boost™

Put your best face forward with our plant-based Complexion Boost™, which contains key ingredients including vitamins for skin health aka vitamins A, C & E to help improve skin elasticity and roughness in your skin — all in one capsule.**

vital proteins hyaluronic acid

Hair Boost™

Give your locks some TLC! Two of our plant-based Hair Boost™ contains vitamins for healthy hair aka vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D & E to support healthy hair.**  Biotin is also included to help skin, hair and nails for a 360° approach to your beauty routine.**

vital proteins hyaluronic acid

Beauty Collagen

With flavors like Lavender Lemon and Strawberry Lemon, our bovine-based Beauty Collagen™ is sure to become your daily staple. Why? In addition to 120mg of HA, our Beauty Collagen contains probiotics. Glow from the inside, out.

vital proteins hyaluronic acid

Collagen Beauty Glow

For radiant skin and beauty both inside and out, Collagen Beauty Glow™ – available in Lavender Lemon, Strawberry Lemon and Tropical Hibiscus – is made with marine-based collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid and probiotics. For that extra glow, we've added your daily dose of vitamin C and biotin.

vital proteins hyaluronic acid

Collagen Shots

Our collection of Collagen Shots – Energy, Glow, Zen, Sleep, Defense and Restore – contain HA and a bevy of functional ingredients to better meet your needs.

collagen latte hyaluronic acid

Collagen Lattes

Each one of our dairy-free Collagen Lattes™ – Hot Cocoa, Golden Milk, Cocoa Caramel and Madagascar Vanilla – contains 10g of bone broth collagen, 600mg of organic ashwagandha, 50mg of HA and 1g of sugar per serving from whole-food ingredients.

vital proteins hyaluronic acid

Collagen Beauty Greens

Our Collagen Beauty Greens is a blend of non-GMO Marine Collagen Peptides combined with healthy organic greens, vitamin A, hyaluronic acid and probiotics.  

vital proteins hyaluronic acid

Collagen Whey Protein

Our collection of Collagen Whey Protein – available in Dark Chocolate & Coconut Water, Banana Cinnamon & Vanilla, Vanilla & Coconut Water and Unflavored – contains naturally occurring hyaluronic acid. This, along with collagen, helps to enhance strength and flexibility in joints. 

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