Make your day with Matcha Collagen | Available in canisters and stick packs
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    Collagen & Whey

    The perfect formula for anyone from exercise enthusiasts to high performing athletes, Vital Proteins’ Whey collection is designed to help power up a workout, while aiding in recovery. Made with grass-fed whey protein and collagen peptides, try all of our flavors: including Banana Cinnamon & Vanilla, Vanilla & Coconut Water, and Cocoa & Coconut Water.


    • Enhance Fitness: Exercise. Recover. Repeat. The powerful duo of collagen and whey help to improve overall athletic performance while aiding in recovery.**
    • Aid Joint Health: Keep moving! Naturally occurring hyaluronic acid along with collagen enhance strength and flexibility in joints.**
    • Improve Energy: No sappy sugar to slow you down. Give your energy a boost with the power of collagen proteins and grass-fed whey.**


    • Blend into your favorite smoothie
    • Add to a nutritious dessert
    • Enjoy in a cold glass of water

    I had been on the fence about adding supplements to my training, trying to get it all from whole, nutrient-dense foods. As I trained harder, I decided that I needed a protein supplement for post recovery. I love the all natural goodness that is Vital Proteins! It was just what I was searching for to fit my training and life. I have bad knees and they are so much better! Plus my skin is clearer and increased energy levels! "

    - Heather G