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How to Take Your Collagen On the Go

By: Dan Caron

Have you ever “failed” in following through with a diet? Ever stop to get fast food only to immediately regret it? Ever been stranded in traffic or have had to work late without any food nearby? We’ve all been there and know the pain. Now, the most important question to ask ourselves: how do we fix this? It’s simple: control your environment by keeping some protein – a.k.a. collagen – handy.

Yes, the Collagen Whey is primarily considered a pre- and post-workout must-have. But that is far from the truth as we can easily turn a serving of Collagen Whey into a meal replacement to ensure you get your collagen and nutrients on the go. We can do this with many of our Vital Proteins products. Ahead, see some easy collagen hacks for when you’re on the go.

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Shake Things Up

This Collagen Whey shake can be used as a meal replacement for any time of the day. Back when I was prepping for my first bodybuilding show and was on a strict diet. It was very challenging to have a social life and go out. I’m not much into the bar scene but the movies are one of my favorite places to be on the weekend. However, it’s very difficult to attend a movie and not indulge in super-buttery popcorn. It was also very hard to sit through a 2-hour movie without food.

During this time, I was eating so frequently while still maintaining a caloric deficit to lose fat that I would cramp up if I didn’t get calories every 2 to 3 hours. So, I would load up a blender bottle with Collagen Whey and ½ cup of minute oats and go enjoy a movie. Halfway through the movie or once I got hungry, I would go to the water fountain, fill up my bottle and shake my meal. Quick and healthy fix for needed calories on the go. If you’re not a carb person, then you can substitute the oats for 1 tablespoon of olive oil or nut butter. There is no right or wrong, all personal preference.

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collagen creamer

Sticking to It

It seems pretty obvious to keep our stick packs handy at all times, but we all don’t always remember to do so. A simple trick I use is to keep my collagen stick packs in compartments I always keep handy, like a lunch box or gym bag. Mix them into your favorite beverage for a boost of collagen. If you’re in need of something with a little more density or calories, add a stick pack to your cup of coffee or tea. And top it off with some honey or creamer. As a reminder: we also offer a lineup of Collagen Creamers, available in vanilla, coconut, mocha and gingerbread flavors. Two stick packs of our Collagen Creamer will provide 10g collagen and 9g MCTs.