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The Vital Proteins® Guide To GABA Supplements

When it comes to ingredients in our Vital Proteins lineup, there may be ones you're more familiar with — like melatonin, vitamin C or matcha. Then, there are GABA supplements. Aside from filling you in on what it is in our ingredients glossary, we're giving you the scoop on this little-known supplement below.

We'll explore "what is GABA?" and "what does GABA help with?" as well as the many Vital Proteins products containing GABA in a comprehensive guide format. So if you're eager to be in-the-know when it comes to what's in your canister, keep scrolling on.

gaba supplements

What Does GABA Help With?

First things first, GABA, short for "gamma-aminobutyric acid," is found in our central nervous system. It serves as the body’s principal inhibitory neurotransmitter and is in charge of "pumping the brakes" on our nerve impulses whenever we’re placed in demanding or taxing situations. In short, someone who has increased levels of GABA will have a better chance of feeling calm under pressure.** 

How Does GABA Work?

Glutamate is responsible for the creation of GABA. Glutamate's role is to send nerve impulses during tense, tough moments by attaching to surrounding brain cells. GABA, on the other hand, reacts oppositely by slowing down these cells in order to promote a sense of calm.

GABA receptors can found in the hypothalamus, which is where sleep and emotional activity take place. Because of this, you'll find that many snooze-inducing supplements include GABA in their mix.

Why Do People Take GABA Supplements?

With GABA's role in the hypothalamus, people reach for GABA supplements to help promote a restful night’s sleep and to combat nerves and occasional tensions.** You'll see this in Vital Proteins products such as Feeling Zen™Sleep Collagen Shot, Blueberry Moon Milk Collagen Latte™ and Vital Performance™ SLEEP. We take a deeper dive into these products below.

The Best GABA Supplements 

gaba supplements

Sleep Collagen Shot

Notes of blueberry and lavender accompany melatonin, magnesium and GABA to support relaxation and a deep, restorative night’s sleep**. Sip on this 2 fl ounce shot before bed and get ready for sweet dreams!

Why It's Awesome:

"Considering my sleep schedule can be all over the place working night shift, I do sometimes need a little help getting to sleep. That's where the Collagen Sleep Shot comes in... I usually take it an hour before bed, and once it kicks in, I'm off to dreamland!" - Chelsea F., @chelseaem

gaba supplements

Feeling Zen™

Find your peace of mind with Feeling Zen™! These plant-based capsules help promote relaxation and an alert calmness** thanks to functional ingredients like organic ashwagandha root extract, GABAL-theanine and magnesium.** Just take two capsules daily to feel at ease.

Why It's Awesome:

"I love them! I've slept great each night and the GABA is a great way to relax the mind and muscles without leaving you feeling groggy in the morning." - Ashley R., @swiftwellness

gaba supplements

Blueberry Moon Milk Collagen Latte™

Heat up your evening routine with this berry-flavored latte that includes 10g of beef bone broth collagen and sleep-inducing additions like melatoninGABAmagnesium, ashwagandha. Grab a mug, slip into your comfies and mix your Blueberry Moon Milk Collagen Latte™ supplement in a hot, dairy-free liquid for a blissful end to your day. 

Why It's Awesome:

“I’m type A, which means I can’t shut my brain off, so our Blueberry Moon Milk Collagen Latte™ is the best because it forces me to calm down! I drink it right before I take my dog out for his last walk then we both get tucked in and go to sleep.” - Amanda F.

gaba supplements

Vital Performance™ SLEEP

Wake up feeling ready to tackle your next training session.** This canister includes relaxation-inducing ingredients like GABA, L-theanine and magnesium to give you the extra boost needed to reach that coveted deep sleep stage. Then, functional ingredients like 5-HTP and B vitamins promote a restored feeling for your next-day activity.

Why It's Awesome:

"I always tell people it’s a two-for-one when you get Vital Performance™ products ..You get all the benefits from collagen, but you also get the EAA and the BCAA benefits as well." - George B.

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