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Vital Proteins Collagen Shots: How To Find Your Best Match

As we begrudgingly unwrap ourselves from our blanket cocoons and head to work after a bustling holiday season, we’re left with the unsettling (and in most cases, exciting) truth: It’s time to get serious about our New Year’s resolutions. We’re here to help you cross off the bullet points on your likely long-running list of goals. First up, we’re tackling those daily functional health needs with some help from Vital Proteins Collagen Shots!

Our newly-launched Collagen Shots are loaded with 7g of collagen in every serving and are free of artificial flavors and sweeteners. Every Collagen Shot also contains 60mg of hyaluronic acid, a powerhouse ingredient that helps to support skin hydration and elasticity.

Keep reading to find your perfect Collagen Shot match below. Because it’s never too early to conquer those resolutions.

collagen shots

Vital Proteins Collagen Shots

If You’ve Been Seriously Missing Your Summer Glow …

No worries! We’ve got the remedy for you in the form of our Glow Collagen Shot. This strawberry lemon elixir contains biotin and vitamin C to help enhance our body’s ability to produce collagen. Glow also helps to support overall hair, skin and nail health.**

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If You’ve Been Having Trouble Sleeping …

The ingredients in our Sleep Collagen Shot  melatonin, magnesium and GABA – helps to support relaxation and a deep, restorative night’s sleep.** Are you ready for your dreamiest snooze, ever? We think so.

If You’re Looking for a Post-Workout Supplement …

Already a fan of our Collagen Whey? We’re glad! Now it’s time to complement your tough workout sesh with a serving of our Restore Collagen Shot. Boasting ingredients like tart cherry and turmeric, this shot helps to speed up your body’s recovery.**

collagen shots

If You’ve Felt Really Stressed Lately …

You’ll find your inner peace in no time with the help of our Zen Collagen Shot. One serving is infused with relaxing chamomile, citrus notes and L-Theanine to help support mental alertness.**

If Your Gut Is Telling You To Focus On Health …

Our Cleanse Collagen Shot, loaded with apple cider vinegar, raspberry juice and lemon juice, is the ideal digestion aid for when you’re on the move.

Each Collagen Shot is priced at $4.99, but users ready to experience its full wellness benefits can try out a 12-pack for $54. Not ready to use our Collagen Shots? No worries! Try any of our other collagen products, like our fan-favorite hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides, which can be added to your favorite meal or beverage.