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Whether you’re a longtime Vital Proteins user or you’re inching toward finally getting your first-ever collagen fix, you probably have a lot of collagen questions. You’re likely wondering where we source our OG hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides (bovine hide) and how to take collagen (did you know you can add it to smoothies?). Luckily, we can provide that same level of transparency for you in the form of a hub that houses all our education blog posts. If you ever find yourself wondering about anything related to our current product lineup, there’s a good chance our extensive Stay Vital page holds the answer. We also go as far as to write about the ingredients in some of our other offerings; we got real about the “natural flavors”in our newly launched Mocha Collagen Creamer (and what that descriptor actually means). And we also explore our best-selling Matcha Collagen, and how its key component is different from green tea.

But if you’re low on time and searching for a quick roundup of our most frequently asked collagen questions, look no further than the below breakdown that lists (and answers) those very same inquiries. Yep, we’re talking the different types of collagen, which Vital Proteins product you should try first, and other topics you might not have even thought of yet.

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your most pressing collagen questions, answered

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Can You Take Too Much Collagen?
What Are the Easiest Ways to Add Collagen to Your Diet?
What Type of Collagen Is Collagen Peptides?
Collagen Protein vs. Whey: What’s the Difference?
Should You Take Collagen on An Empty Stomach?

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