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Keep Things Glowing With Our Plant-Based Beauty Capsule Collection

by grace gavilanes - June 24, 2020

Welcome to #VitalVersity, where our in-house wellness experts break down the latest health trends, new Vital Proteins® products & more.

Ready to get glowing? Our NEW Beauty Capsule Collection can take you there! We sat down with wellness expert and Vital Proteins' Education Coordinator, Olivia Peláez, for an in-depth look at each one of these 4 plant-based capsules and their respective ingredients. Plus, Olivia shares which one she’s already added to her daily routine! Keep reading for the full Q&A.

beauty capsule collection

Lively: Our new Beauty Capsule Collection is here! What would you say differentiates this collection from the other beauty products in our lineup?

Olivia Peláez: Great question! First and foremost, our entire Beauty Capsule Collection is packed with plant-based ingredients that support beauty from within.

L: Love that! Can you give us a quick breakdown of each?

OP: Of course! Beauty Boost™ is packed with more than 100% Daily Value of key nutrients like biotin, folate, vitamin E and vitamin C, which all help to support hair, skin and nail health as well as help boost the body’s natural production of collagen.** If you’re looking for a vegan-friendly option to support skin hydration, I recommend reaching for our Skin Hydration Boost™. It contains skin-loving ingredients you might be familiar with – hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and biotin.

Complexion Boost™ keeps the spotlight on your skincare routine as it boasts an impressive list of ingredients like Astrion™, Ceramide-PCD® and Verbascoside Verbasnol™. This amazing trio comes together to enhance skin elasticity, support skin smoothness and improve skin roughness.** Finally, if stronger, healthier hair** is what you’re after, Hair Boost™ is for you. With a combination of organic ashwagandha, a blend of keratin support amino acids, saw palmetto, MSM and other key vitamins, Instagram-worthy locks are an attainable goal. Rest assured – whatever your beauty goal is, we have a capsule for you! 

beauty capsules

L: These beauty capsules also contain some show-stopping ingredients like folate and organic ashwagandha. Are there any others you're really excited about?

OP: Yes!! There are so many innovative and exciting ingredients that can be found in our Beauty Capsule Collection! I’m personally really excited about the key ingredients in our Complexion Boost™. Astrion™ and Ceramide-PCD® are two plant-based ingredients that promote skin hydration and smoothness,** while Verbascoside Verbasnol™ is a botanical that not only nourishes the skin with antioxidants but also has been clinically tested to be effective for promoting skin clarity.** 

beauty capsule collection

L: Is there a preferred way to add these capsules to your routine?

OP: You can choose to incorporate one or all of our Beauty Capsules into your daily beauty routine! All of them are in a convenient capsule form so you can choose to take them whenever works best for you. I prefer to take mine with breakfast as part of my morning routine.  

L: Okay, we need to know: Which one are you personally stocking up on and why?

OP: Complexion Boost™! I’m so excited about the amazing combination of functional ingredients that will help me put my best face forward. I will definitely be taking these with my morning smoothie, which I love making with our Original Collagen Peptides.

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