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Chill Out With Lemon Collagen Granitas

Flavor up your summer and wow your guests with this simple, 2-ingredient Lemon Collagen Granita recipe. Starring Vital Proteins® Lemon Collagen Peptides ($27; shop now), it’s as simple as mixing and freezing. The prep takes only a few minutes, but the finished product is an adorable drink fit for any summer soirée—from garden tea party to backyard BBQ.

This cool Lemon Collagen Granita recipe was created by Laura Haugen, Vital Proteins® Senior Product Developer, Innovation. What are you waiting for—start chilling! 



Yields 4–6



  1. Combine Lemon Collagen Peptides and coconut water. Mix until dissolved using a shaker bottle, frother or blender.
  2. Pour mixture into an ice cube tray and place in freezer until solid.
    Lively Tip: a silicone tray works best for easy removal.
  3. To serve, place frozen cubes into food processor and pulse until a crumbly texture is achieved.
    Lively Tip: For a sippable slush, puree in the food processor until smooth.
  4. Scoop into hollowed out lemons, garnish with mint leaves and enjoy!

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