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This Cinnamon Cocoa Latte Is The Perfect Afternoon Treat

Sometimes all you need to get through a particularly rough afternoon is a latte. But if you’re looking for something that’s really going to do the trick (i.e. help you stay energized), look no further than our Cinnamon Cocoa Latte recipe.

Aside from its honey, coconut butter and almond milk pairings, this decadent beverage recipe also calls for Vital Proteins® Hot Cocoa Collagen Latte™ supplement, which is sourced from cocoa powder and grass-fed, pasture-raised beef bones. Acting as the drink’s base, our Hot Cocoa Collagen Latte contains ashwagandha root extract, skin-loving hyaluronic acid, energy-boosting MCTs (thanks to the coconut milk powder!), 10g of collagen, and 1g of sugar from real, whole-food ingredients. It is free of artificial sweeteners and dairy, and tastes nothing like the savory flavor bone broth is so often associated with. This product contains 5-10mg of naturally-occurring caffeine from cocoa — a very low dose compared to other drinks.

Why you'll love this standout ingredient: It helps to support healthy hair, skin, nails, bones and joints.** And it’s an easy way to curb your hot cocoa craving while also reaping other functional health benefits.

Plus, it’s the ultimate building block for a real delicious latte that’s bound to become your favorite better-for-you alternative.

cinnamon cocoa latte recipe

Cinnamon Cocoa Latte

Yields 1 Cinnamon Cocoa Latte




  1. Add all to a small sauce pan, whisk until incorporated and heat until warm.
  2. Serve in mugs topped with coconut whipped cream, cinnamon, and chocolate shavings.

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