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Follow These Travel-Friendly Health Tips on Your Next Vacation

Here’s a goal to set this season: Skip the winter doldrums and book a winter vacation to a sunny beach where work emails can’t reach you. But as the fear of flu and the common cold lingers, take a proactive approach as you plan your trip to paradise. 

Stay healthy through winter travel with these 10 tips:

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Staying hydrated is important in any case. Drink an extra 20 oz. of water the day before you leave for your trip. Carry an empty water bottle to refill at water fountains in the airport.

Wash your hands

Germs can linger on your luggage, airplane seat and rental car. Regularly washing your hands with soap can prevent those germs from wreaking havoc on your health.

Update your Immunizations

Traveling abroad? Make an appointment with your physician before an international trip to update immunizations you might need for certain countries.

Keep your feet warm

Some studies suggest that keeping your feet warm by wearing socks to bed can help you fall asleep faster. This can be beneficial especially if you have a hard time sleeping away from home. 

Sanitize your seat

Surrounded in close proximity with other people in poor ventilation can spread germs. Think the person next to you on the plane wiping down their entire seat area is overdoing it? Think again.

Slip on Compression socks

Wearing compression socks when flying can help increase circulation and may reduce swelling. 

Take your vitamins

Traveling can sometimes shake up your normal healthy-eating routine. Vitamins can support your wellness goals – especially when you can’t eat as healthy as you’d like. 

Pack healthy snacks

Travel delays or a lack of healthy food options can leave you hungry and sluggish. Be sure to pack better-for-you bars (like our Collagen Bars™!), popcorn, fruit or nuts.

Pack a First aid kit

A first aid kit with Band-Aids®, gauze, antiseptic, sticky tape and ointments for bug bites can save any mishap that might happen during your trip.

Don’t ruin a much-needed break without implementing simple tips like these. Things like drinking more water, washing your hands and preparing for the unexpected can make your winter travel smooth and enjoyable.