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How Serena Kerrigan Became The Queen Of Confidence

The editorial team at Vital Proteins® stans women who inspire and empower other women, which is exactly why we were so excited to chat with the incomparable Serena Kerrigan – aka Serena Fucking Kerrigan, aka SFK, aka the Queen of Confidence.

At the height of quarantine – back when spotting 4 banana bread photos in a row on Instagram was the norm – the former Refinery29 staffer launched a super-popular dating show that aligned with her SFK persona, aptly titled Let’s Fucking Date. The inaugural season of the weekly Live show followed Kerrigan as she embarked on a new (virtual) date every Friday night, in front of thousands of strangers. To viewers, it was fun, hilarious, and at times, a little cringe-worthy. In short, it was exactly what you’d expect from a first date. For Kerrigan, it was all those things and more, mostly because dreaming up and executing the show was the amalgamation of hard work and her own creative vision.

“I created Let’s Fucking Date, the show, because I wanted to normalize virtual dating and be totally in control of my experience,” she tells Lively, adding: “My biggest takeaway was that limitations [during quarantine] can foster tremendous creativity.”

Now, Kerrigan is prepping for Season 2 (premiering on Sept. 9 at 8:30 p.m. ET) of the one-of-a-kind show Guest of a Guest calls “better than The Bachelor.” Keep reading to learn more about Kerrigan’s decision to create a show from the comfort of her couch, why she created SFK & how she overcomes those pesky moments of self-doubt. (She’s human, after all!) 

5 Minutes With Serena Kerrigan: The Interview

serena kerrigan

Lively: Let's start at the beginning: How did you become the Queen of Confidence?

Serena Kerrigan: The Queen of Confidence originated from a persona I created in college, “SFK.” To help shield myself from my own insecurities, I called myself “Serena Fucking Kerrigan” as a way to project an image of confidence when I didn’t have it, to remind me of my self-worth. After college, SFK became more than just an alter ego and evolved into a symbol that stands for authenticity and confidence. I realized that my journey to self-love could inspire others to love themselves too, so now I am a confidence coach with over 100 clients!

L: How did the idea for Let’s Fucking Date come about? What was your biggest takeaway from the experience?

SFK: I was single as fuck during the global pandemic. I was so ready to get back in the dating game but had no idea how to do it. I created Let’s Fucking Date, the show, because I wanted to normalize virtual dating and be totally in control of my experience. My biggest takeaway was that limitations can foster tremendous creativity. It’s been incredible to see what creators like myself have made during this time. Let’s Fucking Date never would have happened if we weren’t quarantined. I think this entire experience has taught me to go after what I want, to take risks and to believe in myself, because life is too short not to.

serena kerrigan

L: What would you say is the biggest misconception about SFK?

SFK: The biggest misconception about SFK is that I’m an influencer. First and foremost, I think of myself as a producer and content creator. I love that I have the ability to influence people with my message, but I want to add value beyond a swipe-up link or promo code. SFK LFG LLC was created to inspire people to be unapologetically in love with themselves and go after what they want in life. I strongly believe you cannot be truly happy without loving yourself first. 

L: How do you overcome feelings of doubt?

SFK: Everyone has times when they doubt themselves. In a way, it’s a survival tactic; you're assessing potential risk before taking action. However, I find that more often than not, we waste time thinking about other people’s opinions and it prevents us from going after what we want. The way I overcome feelings of doubt is by asking myself: What is the worst thing that can happen? And reminding myself that I am equipped to handle even the worst-case scenario. When I officially launched my confidence coaching, I worried no one would sign up or someone would be unhappy with their session. Here I am nearly 100 successful coaching sessions later, telling you that whenever you have feelings of self-doubt, swat them away like a fucking fly and charge ahead.  

L: You have a loyal community on social. What do you hope people take away from following you on IG?

SFK: I hope that they realize they have the power to make anything happen, but it truly starts with believing in yourself. I have had so many people doubt me, mock me, say I’m “relentless” or “too much” and sure, while it wasn’t joyful to hear those things, it never stopped me from moving forward. If anything, it empowered me to prove them all wrong. Which I obviously did. 

serena kerrigan

L: What advice would you give to someone who wants to be more confident? What should they do first? 

SFK: They should sign up for a confidence coaching session with me! Duh. 

L: We know you have a lot of exciting projects in the works! Anything you’re able to share with us?

SFK: Right now my entire focus is on Let’s Fucking Date Season 2. [Editor’s note: Check out the trailer for Season 2 here!] My intention for this season is to prove that you can have a full-fledged reality television show on Instagram. And who knows, maybe I’ll find love too. 😉

Photos: @serenakerrigan/Instagram