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Almost 30 Podcast's Krista Williams: How To Manifest The Life You Want

Krista Williams is the creator of The Hundred Blog and co-host of the super popular Almost 30 Podcast – lifestyle brands that focus on wellness, entrepreneurship, and self-development. On both platforms, Williams highlights the power of manifesting. She regularly discusses how to manifest the life you want with experts on the Almost 30 Podcast and now she’s sharing her personal experience with Lively. Find out how manifesting has changed her life for the better and how it can change yours, too.

Lively's Interview with Almost 30 Podcast Host Krista Williams

Lively: How were you first introduced to manifesting?  

Krista Williams: I was introduced to manifesting by reading The Secret for the first time when I was living in Chicago. I remember the girl that gave it to me mentioned that it changed her life, and she was able to manifest her dream job. Although I didn't fully understand it, I really started to apply it and did feel like I saw a huge shift in my life. The real part of it – about being positive and having a positive mindset has impacted me today in a huge way! 

L: What does "manifesting" mean to you?

KW: Manifesting is really living in alignment with who you were meant to be. It's being so authentically you, accepting your shadow and doing the work to know yourself so much that you can bring into your life whatever it is that you dream. I know that the parts of my life that I have manifested (such as my boyfriend or Almost 30) have been something that I have truly believed in and worked for, so that my intentions and manifestations aligned with the work I did.

L: How has manifesting helped you with the success of your podcast and blog?

KW: I seriously manifested my career now with Almost 30 Podcast. I knew that I wanted to do something that was heart-centered and meaningful in my life, and I had to really get clear and focused on what that was. So, for the time before I met Lindsey [Simcik] I was super clear about wanting to find my purpose, and wanting to be a leader, an entrepreneur, and a creative. I wrote it down, I worked it out, and did the work so that when I met Lindsey and we had the idea of Almost 30 Podcast, I could receive it. It doesn't mean it's not scary to do, but it really helps to think, believe, work hard, and to see your dreams come true.

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L: How do you set goals for yourself to manifest? Are they both short- and long-term?

KW: I worked so hard to manifest things in my life to bring me to where I am today, that at this time, I am in more of an allowing phase than a manifesting phase. I am working on being in my feminine more so that I can just experience what life has to offer. I’m not controlling or working hard to 'manifest' what I think is best; rather, I’m waiting to see what the lovely universe could have in store for me! But when I have manifested, I work on both short- and long-term goals, like meetings, relationships, or gifts...whatever! There are no limits! 

L: Do you have a manifestation role model that you turn to when feeling lost?

KW: Yes! Of course, Lacy Phillips of To Be Magnetic is the manifestation queen to me. She has such experience and insights in manifestation that she is always the person that I turn to when I need a bit of insight and direction. I would say for anyone looking to learn about manifesting or law of attraction, she is the person! 

L: What are some words of wisdom you can offer someone who is new to manifestation and hoping to incorporate into their routine?

KW: I would suggest that they start to read about it. It's a good idea to read The Secret, Dynamic Thought (a weird one but my personal favorite), and then checking out Lacy Phillips of To Be Magnetic! She has great resources that help to walk you through her process, and to fully understand how exactly it's done. I really think that what's important is to understand the science behind manifestation, so you can always go back to that when you potentially get discouraged and feel like it's not working. Every thought you have sends out a very distinctive frequency into the world. The frequency of your thought becomes a kind of magnet that tends to attract similar frequencies that match that thought. This frequency is known as a wave of energy and it can be positive or negative. It’s a vibrational energy that draws similar energies that match its frequency. Knowing this, it's important to know you will attract more of the same you send out into the world. I always go back to the science of energy, and trusting that if I get myself on the right vibration that what I am trying to manifest will be on that vibration as well! 

Photos: @hundredblog/Instagram