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The Best Ways To Beat Burnout

Burnout was first brought into our world as a psychological diagnosis in 1974 by Herbert Freudenberger. It was used to describe cases of "physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress." Sound familiar? Unfortunately, this feeling of burnout is regularly experienced by the average working adult. In today's world, working to make money is at the top of the priority list. Bills need to be paid, kids need to eat, and travel needs to be planned out (to escape this burnout).

But burnout cannot be fixed by just going on vacation or having an empty inbox. It can’t be fixed by using a meditation app for five minutes in the morning or by meal prepping on Sunday night. And unfortunately, the answer to “how to beat burnout” isn’t rooted in self-care rituals – so what’s the solution?

How to Beat Burnout

Accept It

The sooner burnout can be accepted, the sooner it can be improved. Take the time to think about what mundane tasks are performed almost regularly. Anything seem repetitive? Anything seem like busywork? Anything constantly gives the feeling of panic, overwhelmed, stress, or anxiety? Do these feelings seem inescapable? Burnout is alive and present, even though most people would never admit to this, and instead, would just call it "stress." Accept that things are not where they’re intended to be, and create a mindset to overcome.

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how to beat burnout

Remember: It Starts in the Mind

What an individual believes can also be achieved. It seems too simple, right? However, research studies prove this to be one of the greatest benefits of the mind. Do people want to be over-worked, stressed out, and experience constant burnout? Probably not. Journaling, visualizing, and goal setting are all simple tools to incorporate into a daily routine that will assist in aiding these negative feelings. In addition, it forces people to slow down, take five minutes to sit and think, and to put into perspective what should be priority – and what shouldn’t be.

Stay Present

The world is incredibly fast-paced, so it’s even more important to stay present and mindful on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the majority of individuals who work a 40+ work week, in addition to keeping track of lengthy “to-do” lists, lose themselves in the process. Staying present, and treating yourself with kindness can do wonders, both mentally and physically.

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At the end of the day, nothing is worth losing internal happiness, as well as overall wellbeing. Is working overtime worth lack of sleep, stress, and being too exhausted to spend time with loved ones? Burnout is a sneaky thing, and it affects more than anyone could probably guess. Life should be valued as the precious thing that it is and be spent doing the things that bring the most happiness.