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How Mother Andi Teggart Stays Present While Pursuing Her Dreams

how im raising the bar

To kick off the new decade (hello, 2020!) and the launch for Vital Proteins' new Collagen Bars™, we’re revealing a new series called “How I'm Raising the Bar.” Here, we feature inspiring individuals who are striving to hit new goals, maintain old ones and become their best selves in the new year.

Today, we start our series by highlighting Lucky Collective founder, Creative Entrepreneur, Mother and wearer of many hats, Andi Teggart. Her sage advice on going after those #bucketlist ambitions at any stage in life, will have you ready to tackle the next 12 months head-on. Scroll on to read more.  

Lively: Andi, tell us a little more about you. What you do and what you are currently working on?

Andi Teggart: Hey there! I’m Andi — a glass half full kind of girl and wife to Eric, mama to Lucy (and soon to be another baby girl in February!), dog mom to Jack, sister, daughter, entrepreneur, blogger, home decor + design enthusiast, and lover of life. I’m originally from Ohio and moved to Nashville about a year ago after living in San Francisco for 7 years. I recently wrapped up my Master's program in communication, and have been self-employed for the last three years, running my own digital marketing shop Lucky Collective. I primarily do consulting in the strategic communication and social media space, but also offer interior decor consulting too. I've had my blog ( for about ten years now (!!) and share about life, motherhood, home decor, self-love and inspiration, travel, and our adventures as a family. And, a few months ago, after a recent trip to Morocco, I launched my own little creative project - a textile collection selling handmade, travel-inspired pillows.

L: Thanks for the intro! As a busy creative, how do you stay inspired on the day-to-day?

AT: By staying connected to other creatives and by giving myself time and space to take breaks. Travel is a huge source of inspiration and energy for me and has always been a priority. While I can't take big trips all of the time, I  try to get out of my house every day - it's amazing how a walk to the park or working from a new coffee shop refreshes me and keeps me inspired.

L: You definitely have a lot on your plate! How do you hope to continue these things (or not) in 2020?

AT: I *just* graduated from my Master's program, so school is done! In early 2020, I  am due with my second daughter, so the beginning of the year will be focused on my family. We hope to spend some of that time traveling together, too! I will also be releasing another collection of pillows in my textile collection and likely doing some lightweight consulting work.

L: So exciting! As a mother (to almost 2!), how does this change your dynamic when it comes to goal-setting?

AT: Becoming a mom has taught me how to be incredibly efficient with my time. It's pretty remarkable what you're able to get done when you have a "nap time deadline." In terms of goals, I've learned that you don't have to put your goals on hold because you're a mom. You can still be an incredibly involved, present, loving and supportive parent, and find a way to chase after your other interests or dreams.

L: On that note, what advice do you have for other mothers out there looking to try something new in the next decade?

AT: I always have this Nora Ephron quote in the back of my head: "And don't be frightened: you can always change your mind." So many people are paralyzed by fear of making the wrong decision that they don't make a decision at all and instead, stay stuck or stagnant. Remembering that you can always change your mind frees you up to try new things because you're not expecting every single choice to be a permanent one. For moms specifically, it can be really hard to invest in yourself, because so much of your time and energy is focused on someone else. For me, having "other things" happening alongside my primary role as a mother makes me a better mother. I feel reinvigorated by the creative projects and challenges and appreciate time with my daughter more. My advice would be to just go for it - you can always, always, always change your mind.

L: What does “Raising the Bar in 2020” look like for you?

AT: I think traditionally "raising the bar" implies raising your standards or expectations towards something or towards yourself. For me, 2020 needs to be more focused on rest over hustle and ambition. Raising the bar means that I will hold myself to a different standard - this doesn't mean doing or "being" more, but instead choosing to be more present and content. That choice in and of itself is raising the bar for me personally. 

L: Lastly, if you could give your younger self some advice - what would you say? 

AT: It's okay to rest. Call your grandparents more. You don't have to be happy all of the time. Your worth has nothing to do with your bank account, the size of your jeans, your GPA, or your relationship status. Tell the people you love why you love them and do it often. Sleep while you can!

Rapid Fire Questions:

    1. Favorite form of self-care: Exercising is an incredibly important form of self-care for me and when not a part of my regular routine, I don't feel myself. Pilates and swimming are my go-tos!
    2. Favorite travel spot: HOW TO PICK?! I have a soft spot for Paris - who doesn't?
    3. Favorite Vital Proteins product:I love mixing the Marine Collagen in my smoothies! I am going to have to try the collagen lattes next!
    4. Favorite podcast: Criminal
    5. Favorite Instagram account to follow: @evachen212 for work/life/mom/fashion juggle, @themamanotes for toddler play ideas, @morgranharpernichols for words + quotes, @reserve_home for home decor inspo.

Thanks, Andi!