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By: Lauren Pronger

Lauren Pronger has had the pleasure of traveling the world her entire life. After witnessing the transformative and healing powers of travel, positivity, and adventure, she's made it her mission to share the best destinations through a lens of wellness on her website

Sure, I love to dine on the native cuisine of wherever I’m traveling, but you can be sure that I take a taste of home with me wherever I go! Traveling the world is food for your soul, but it’s also important to me to ensure that I’m fueling my body with everything that it needs to get me to each destination.

Whether I’m packing for a long weekend away stateside or several weeks abroad, I’ve found that it’s best if I carry some of my very own travel essentials. Road trips, plane trips, boats, and beyond – you never know exactly what refreshments and amenities you can expect, so it’s up to you to be in charge of your health!

Breakfast on the Road

If I’m traveling with my kids, there’s a good chance I’ll spend a portion of my morning prepping to get them out the door and on to our next adventure. Every day, regardless of where I am, I start with this morning elixir to quench my thirst: A combo of Pure I-Glutamine, blended greens, and a serving of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. I like to drink this as soon as I wake up, so I know I’m getting it in before my day begins! Prepping [husband Chris Pronger]’s coffee, I mix in Vital Proteins. I later get a laugh when he asks if I added Vital Proteins. I have to remind him he’s already had it – a true testament to how it’s truly flavorless and odorless. Looking for a burst of flavor and added hydration? Add a collagen drink to your smoothie mix, like Vital Proteins Collagen Water

Lauren Pronger: How I Use Collagen on Road Trips

Baking a double batch of some easy, delicious, and super portable, protein-packed gluten-free breakfast cookies for breakfast on the road has become a routine for my whole family. I like knowing that no matter where we’re at, there’s a healthier option packed neatly in my purse.

Packing homemade snacks help save us time and the worry of wondering what ingredients we’re getting from processed similar treats on the road at convenience shops. My gluten-free breakfast cookies have a heaping serving of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides because it’s a flavorless way to enhance a recipe my family already loves.

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Snacks for Every Kind of Trip

Snacks that keep our health goals in check are key for the entire Pronger family. Summer road trips, flights to see our family across the country, and countless work trips keep our schedule packed. It can be tempting to opt for convenience foods but it’s never a treat when your body has to pay the price later. I am always on the lookout for supplements that travel well so I don’t have to sacrifice my wellness routine to a hectic schedule! I pack a variety of the Beauty Collagen, Marine Collagen, and Collagen Peptidesstick packs in my purse and suitcase because I can mix these packets into just about anything to help support my family’s joint health, glowing skin, nails, and hair.

Lauren Pronger: How I Use Collagen on Road Trips

We don’t typically travel so that we can lay out by the pool. We want to see the world! So, while we’re out and about I’ve been known to bring a variety of protein balls that are so good they taste more like dessert to my family. Keeping a container of nut butter power balls in the mini fridge at our resort, or in the cooler on the road is perfect for a pop of filling energy that’s not jam-packed with questionable additives. I particularly love seeing my 6’7’’ 16-year-old son snack on these because I know the added Collagen Peptides in this recipe is spectacular for his bone and joint health.

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I’ve amplified our love for protein balls with my matcha protein balls recipe. The savory

and sweet recipe is perfect for doubling. Typically, I’ll create two batches at a time and only add dark chocolate to half of them, leaving the others less sweet (and more palatable for breakfast.) This bite-sized treat is packed with energy that’s found in Matcha Collagenand nutrients that don’t leave me feeling jittery.These balls are wonderful as an easy breakfast on the way to an early morning flight, so I try to make them ahead of time and keep them at the ready.

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Lauren Pronger: How I Use Collagen on Road Trips

Living well on the road for me means staying active and caring for my body with the foods that I know help keep me strong and healthy. Traveling can take a toll on your system but with the right prep and vital ingredients, I’ve found it to be nourishing for both my body and soul!

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.