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7 Reasons Why Collagen Drinks Are a Must-Have for Summer

Before we begin loading our calendars with beach outings and rooftop happy hour invites this summer, it’s important to think about the one thing that rings true during every Chicagoan’s favorite season: It gets hot. Really hot. Like, super hot. Summer (sometimes) brings the kind of weather that leaves you feeling nostalgic for 40°F days – if only for a fleeting moment. But then, you snap out of it and start shaming yourself because why would you ever want to go back to snow and chunky sweater weather season when sipping on collagen mocktails at the beach sounds like the ideal weekend activity? (Don’t worry; we’ve all been there.)

The sweltering heat can be a turn-off but it’s not something you have to suffer through on your own. Slather on some SPF and reach for Vital Proteins Collagen Water to help you stay hydrated on the hottest days. There’s a reason why collagen drinks are having a major moment this season – 7 reasons, to be exact. And we’re here to count them all.

Why You Should Stock Up on Collagen Drinks This Summer

collagen water

It’s healthier than many other flavored waters. Our Collagen Water contains 3g of sugar or less.

It happens to contain 10g of collagen. And we all know how awesome collagen is.

It’s an easy grab-and-go kind of drink. The bright label colors alone make it easy for your eyes to land on this particular thirst-quencher when scanning your fridge.

It’s oh-so refreshing. Guaranteed to cool you off on any day.

It’s a perfect addition to your cooler. Because nothing beats an ice-cold Collagen Water on the beach. Ahhh.

It helps boost your hydration game. Keeping the body properly hydrated helps the heart to pump blood easily through the blood vessels and to the muscles. 

It can be added to smoothies. Have you checked out our Blackberry Smoothie Bowl recipe, made with Blackberry Hibiscus Collagen Water? It is just as delicious as it is Instagram-worthy.

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