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Making Your Morning Matcha Latte Is Now Easier Than Ever

Between begrudgingly waking up to a too-late alarm or taking longer than usual to pick out your outfit for work, mornings are already less-than-stellar reminders of a day that hasn’t really even begun yet. It’s rough but there is one saving grace amongst all the chaos: Mornings serve as the ideal time to enjoy a creamy matcha latte.

In our never-ending journey to make your morning routine as seamless as possible, Vital Proteins has cut the matcha-making process in half thanks to the launch of our Matcha Collagen Latte.

Combining our jitter-less Matcha Collagen and our fan-favorite Collagen Creamers (the coolest collagen BFFs around), the latest member of the Vital Proteins family will quickly become your go-to if an easy-to-make, natural pick-me-up is what you’re after. Unlike our Matcha Collagen, our Matcha Collagen Latte (available in Matcha and Matcha Vanilla flavors) is one powder that only requires three steps to achieve the comforting taste and creamy texture of a matcha latte: pouring the powder into a mug, adding 8 fl oz of hot water and mixing – that’s it!

matcha collagen latte flavors

Why Matcha?

If you’re wondering what the difference is between matcha and green tea, the answer is simple. Matcha and green tea derive from the same tea leaves; but matcha bushes are kept in the shade in an effort to increase chlorophyll and amino acid levels, thereby increasing the health benefits it provides to drinkers. Matcha is finely ground into powder, while green tea isn’t. The former makes it easier for users to mix it into beverages and desserts. Antioxidants aside, matcha also contains L-theanine, an amino acid that provides an “alert calm” rather than a jolt and eventual crash, which can be the case with other morning beverages. 

Matcha Collagen Latte & Matcha Collagen: What’s the Difference?

Like we previously mentioned, our Matcha Collagen Latte requires hot water or your milk of choice (if you’re a fan of much creamier matcha lattes) before enjoying. Our Matcha Collagen calls for the addition of one of our Collagen Creamers (or your milk of choice) and hot water.

Both our Matcha Collagen and Matcha Collagen Latte contain collagen peptides and matcha, with the only major difference being the addition of coconut milk powder in our Matcha Collagen Latte. This dairy-free alternative also contains energy-boosting MCTs, delivering an extra oomph to your day without any guilt.

Ready to add Vital Proteins Matcha Collagen Latte to your morning routine? Check out this collagen recipe that’s sure to give you the caffeine boost you need to make it through any day. 

Your New Favorite Matcha Recipe

Dirty Matcha Latte

Yields 1 serving



  1. Whisk together hot water and Matcha Collagen Latte until smooth.
  2. Stir in honey (if desired).
  3. Add ice and top off with cold brew. Enjoy!

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