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Be a Boss: How to Live Your Best Life

By: Arena Ellis

What does it mean to be a boss at your own life? To me, it would mean having as much self-confidence, self-love and success as Lizzo. (And I know I'm not the only one.)

Living your life like a boss may look differently to others, but ultimately being a boss at life means waking up and owning each day. For the many of us striving for self-confidence and wanting to become a boss at their own life, take these things into consideration.

Identify a Mentor

Have you ever heard the saying, “if you’re done learning, you’re done”? Continuous improvement should be a goal for all of us, no matter our age or level of expertise we reach. Identifying someone you admire and seeking out to learn from them will help you become a lifelong learner. This is someone you look to who will provide guidance, share their experiences and help you develop professionally.         

Create a Personal Advisory Board

Identifying people to be on your personal advisory board is different from identifying a mentor. Often these people are already in your own peer group! Think of who you go to immediately when needing a gut check or who you reach out to for overall advice. Now, break it down a step further and identify aspects of your life that you want council or improvement in, such as fashion, finance, relationship, career. You might have someone who you can go to for all of this, but chances are that you also have people in your life who are stronger in certain subjects than others. As you evolve as a person, your personal advisory board will as well. Two important things to remember is to keep it diversified – different inputs will give you more to pull from and that investing in these people is important because in return you are investing in yourself.

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how to be a boss

Recognize Your Assets, Not Your Liabilities

Oftentimes we are hyper focused on our liabilities, that we downplay our own assets! To be a boss at life means believing in yourself. Playing into your strengths will carry you so much further than focusing on your weaknesses. Have confidence. Know your worth! Try building this by identifying something about yourself that you do well each day. Say it out loud to yourself while getting ready in the morning, write it on a sticky note or reflect on it before bed. This will not only help you to start looking at yourself positively, but it will help you realize where your talents lie.

Setting Boundaries

People who are bosses at their own lives know what they want in life and they also know what they don’t want in their life. In order to do that, it is important to do some soul searching to find out who you are. Then, it’s time to find out what you want and what you are aligned with. Often, there will be things that no longer align with your new goals or mindset, and it is okay to say no to those things. Set boundaries to protect your time and energy and try your best to ignore negativity.

Root for Others

There is nothing more inspiring than successful and confident people who champion the success of others. Simply put, do that for other people. We are all here trying to win at life; there is no room for competition or jealously.

Be Self-Aware & Live Unapologetically

Always do the work to know yourself more. This will help build your self-awareness, help you stay humble and help you stay focused on your priorities. This will also help you live your life without apology. Stop saying sorry for things you don’t have to and don’t apologize for who you are. When you are a boss at your own life, you built yourself up to be this person. Be proud of who you are.