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Celebrity Facialist Georgia Louise Adds This Collagen to Her Smoothie

Welcome to Behind The GlowLively's new series spotlighting Hollywood's amazing stars, stylists & more as they celebrate notable achievements and cool career moments. 

Facialist Georgia Louise is on a mission to make quality skincare products more readily available. In addition to opening two ateliers (read: premier facial destinations for beauty seekers) in Los Angeles and New York City, Louise also houses a hub dedicated to her own branded at-home tools and devices on her website. Did we also mention she’s a big Vital Proteins fan? Yep, she’s pretty amazing.

Scroll on to get a peek inside Louise’s 13-step skincare routine, her top beauty advice and find out which one of our collagen products she adds to her daily smoothie. 

Lively's Interview with Facialist Georgia Louise

georgia louise facialist

L: Okay, we need to know: What does your daily skincare routine look like?

Georgia Louise: I have a 13-step skincare and beauty tool regimen. At the moment, the regimen includes the Georgia Louise The Balm, La Mer Foaming Cleanser, Georgia Louise pH Perfecting Tonic, La Mer Treatment Lotion, Georgia Louise Hydra Repair Elixir, Environ Mela-Fade Serum System A+B, my personalized Georgia Louise Bespoke Cream (from my Georgia Louise Bespoke Cream Machine in my New York City atelier), La Mer Eye Balm, La Mer Concentrate and one small drop of my Georgia Louise Vital Finishing Serum.

I switch on and off between different beauty tools depending on how my skin feels that day or what I know it needs – I use my Georgia Louise Freeze Tools to de-puff, Butterfly Stone to drain, Hollywood EGF Device for micro-needling and ion infsion, Pulse+Glo for galvanic current for increased hydration and/or my GLOlite LED mask to repair and heal, as well as the NuFace to lift and tighten, interchangeably. I finish the regimen with the La Mer SPF Tinted Moisturizer. 

georgia louise interview

L: What are 1-2 easy fixes you think everyone should be implementing in their skincare routine?

GL: Exfoliate 1x per week with an enzyme. Use an at-home modality tool to get deep into the skin. I’d suggest starting with a galvanic current, such as my Georgia Louise Pulse+Glo, which uses galvanic current to penetrate sheet mask ingredients faster and deeper into the skin. 

L: Is there a product in your collection you think everyone can benefit from?

GL: My Georgia Louise The Balm. It’s truly a cult-favorite. You can use it for various things – from deep cleaning your skin (any skin type) to using for healing, cracked or damaged skin. A lot of my clients use it as a balm for their babies and toddlers because its sensitive yet incredibly effective. I can’t keep it in stock … it sells like crazy!

georgia louise skin

L: We love facials here! Is there one you think everyone can benefit from? And is there one that’s the most requested among celebrities?

GL: My Georgia Louise Hollywood EGF Facial is hands down our most popular treatment amongst my celebrity clientele and loyal customers. It uses micro-needling and galvanic current for incredible, transforming results. 

L: With such a hectic work schedule (especially during major events!), how do you make time for self-care?

GL: Pilates, making sure to eat healthy (I’m currently detoxing with Sakara Life), salt baths and full-body massages once a week is essential for me. 

L: We know you worked on influencers’ facials at our exclusive event in Miami! Can you tell us about that experience?

GL: I had such a wonderful experience at the Vital Proteins event! I treat everyone like a celebrity VIP, so I hope the influencers and everyone that received a facial with me enjoyed the experience as much as I did!

L: We know you’re a fan of Vital Proteins! Can you share what your collagen routine looks like?

GL: I have a shake every morning and add 1 scoop of the Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides with organic berries, oat milk and protein powder. I also take a Collagen Water™ to work with me every day and drink it mid-day.

L: What’s your favorite Vital Proteins product?

GL: The Strawberry Lemon Beauty Collagen. Its tastes so yummy and I love all of the skin-rich ingredients!