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The Top 8 Products Our Team Tried (& Loved!) in February

Anddd we're back with another curated list of things our Vital Proteins team has tried and loved this month! When we're not getting our collagen fix in, you'll find us sampling all of these items, ranging from podcasts to holy grail beauty products.

Check out our roundup below for the complete list of products that deserve some recognition (and, hey, maybe even an add-to-cart on your next shopping trip!).

1. Origins DRINK UP™ INTENSIVE Overnight Hydrating Mask ($26)

I am obsessed with the overnight mask from Origins! It's been a total lifesaver for me this winter and a nice little excuse to show my skin some love right before bed.

2. Almost 30 Podcast (free)

This podcast is my fave of all time! I pop it on whenever I leave for work and it keeps me entertained the entire commute. It's like listening to your BFFs talk about all the things you're currently into, in one-hour episodes.

3. Collagen Bar™ ($36/pack)

Okay, okay — I couldn't let an entire post pass me by without *some* mention of the best collagen product (IMO, anyway!). Our Collagen Bar™ is the ultimate snack, with 12g of collagen and 16g of protein in six delicious flavors (my favorite is the Raspberry Lemon). I toss it in my work tote, gym bag or really anywhere I go for a delicious way to curb hunger between meals.

 4. Le Mot Clothing ($41+)

I bought this shirt from Le Mot this month and I can't get enough! It's a clothing brand from Lisbon that makes Paris-inspired clothing that are all very high-quality and simplistic. It's right up my alley. 

5. Cocokind Mymatcha All-Over Moisture Stick ($9)

I'm really loving the matcha moisture stick from cocokind. During the dry winter months, it saves my skin!


6. Cold Podcast (free)

I just finished listening to the Cold podcast, Dave Cawley's in-depth look at the Susan Powell cold case, and I was blown away. It's investigative journalism at its finest – so well done!

7. BeautyBio THE RADIANCE Brightening Facial Oil ($70)

After doing a lot of research on facial oils for extra hydration during the winter months, I settled on this one. The scent is fantastic (it's subtly floral), it quenches my dry skin without causing breakouts and the price point is totally doable. Compared to other high-end products out there, I'd choose this one every time. 

8. Fur Oil ($46)

I just bought this fur oil and it has quickly become my best-kept secret. It doesn't stain silk undergarments, is super lightweight and doesn't clog pores. No wonder it has quickly become a cult-favorite!