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Freckled Foodie Blogger Cameron Rogers: How I Uncap My Potential

In honor of Women's History Month and the launch of Vital Proteins new Collagen Water™, we’re kicking off a weekly series on Lively called "How I Uncap My Potential," where we feature amazing women doing incredible things in their field. Today, we’re spotlighting Freckled Foodie blogger Cameron Rogers. Find out what inspired Rogers to turn her blogging side hustle into a full-fledged career – and what advice she’d give her younger self. 

Lively: What inspired you to start Freckled Foodie?

Cameron Rogers: Quite honestly, Freckled Foodie kind of came out of nowhere. I have always loved food, but I was never the one making it. After I graduated college and began working in the corporate world, I soon noticed a few changes: my credit card bill was way higher than usual, majority of my expenses were at sub-par pick-up lunch and dinner spots, and my body didn't feel as healthy as it always had. I began to suffer from some digestive issues and, with the guidance of my doctors, I was forced to cut certain foods out of my diet. Going out to eat became seemingly difficult so I turned to my kitchen as a way to easily avoid ingredients I was instructed to cut out and also saved money in the process. That is really when my love for cooking took off! As I began making my own meals, I noticed not only how much more affordable this was, but also how much better I felt. I really never looked back after that. 

L: What was the biggest obstacle when deciding to work on Freckled Foodie full-time?

CR: Knowing when to stop and continuing to learn the virtue of patience. I would say one of my best attributes is also one of my biggest flaws. I am extremely hard-working and driven, which is definitely necessary when being your own boss because it means work will actually get done, but it also makes it difficult for me to unplug and know when to put work aside. With that, I constantly have so many ideas I want to put in motion immediately, and struggle with accepting that it may be a longer process than I would have preferred. I am continuously reminding myself that patience is a virtue and that Rome wasn't built in a day.

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freckled foodie

L: What has been the most rewarding experience with your business and your career so far?

CR: As a health coach, I feel I am really helping my clients attain the best version of themselves. It has been such a fulfilling experience to watch them all break out of their shells and succeed in different aspects of their life. As a content creator, there is nothing more rewarding than receiving messages saying that my pieces have helped someone get through a tough time in their life. I make an effort to write very honest, open, and raw pieces about topics that I struggle with or am going through, and it makes it all worth it when I am informed of it helping others.

L: What advice would you give to your younger self?

CR: Care less about the little things, give up some control, and let go of the word "perfect."

L: Do you have any advice for someone who's interested in starting their own business?

CR: Right before I quit my job to take Freckled Foodie full-time, I had the news on and was cleaning up in the other room. Someone was being interviewed and I heard her say, "jump in, but know the water is cold." It perfectly sums up how I feel about my career change that I was about to embark on. I encourage everyone to follow their dreams and to "jump in," but I also feel he or she should be prepared for the hard road ahead. Often times the idea of working for yourself or starting your own business overlooks the reality of how hard it will be. It is incredibly rewarding and worth every second, but it is no easy road.

freckled foodie

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L: How do you "Uncap Your Potential"?

CR: I stay true to myself, am sure of the things I want and those I do not, put myself first when I need to, attempt to always see the bright side of things, and wake up every day with a smile on my face and ready for what is ahead.

L: How does Vital Proteins help in your daily routine?

CR: For the past three years, I have used Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides in my morning routine, without fail. In the beginning, I added it to my warm water, lemon, and apple cider vinegar mixture. But as of recently, I have been adding it to my morning matcha in order to give it a little more thickness. Not only have I noticed incredible health benefits, which is why I began using it in the first place, but it has also helped keep my skin clear and my hair strong.

Photos: @freckledfoodie/Instagram; @_kmac_and_cheese/Instagram