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Collagen Shot™ Trio Bundle 1 Bundle (3 Collagen Shots) $9
Collagen Bar™ - 6 Pack Variety 6 Pack (1 of Each Flavor) $18

While yes, big-time female influencers like Olympian Nastia Liukin and Nike Master Trainer Betina Gozo are big fans of Vital Proteins, some of our biggest users also include male trainers, athletes, and models. They’re looking to supplement their workout with a collagen boost and turn to Vital Proteins to help support their hair, skin, nails, and joints health goals. Take it from these guys who can’t get enough of our expansive lineup of collagen products. One quick scroll will prove how much you actually have in common with a New England Patriot, for example. Their love of Collagen Peptides, Collagen Creamer, and more, knows no bounds – and they’re eager to share it with the world, err, social media fans.

New England Patriots' Ryker Mathews

Oh these? They are just my @VitalProteins They keep me big, strooong, and healthy! No big deal tho, I’ll just fall asleep on them.
-#FeedWhatMovesYou #StayVital #HealthyFoods #HealthyLifeStyle #Collagen #CollagenPeptides

Trainer Nick Stahl

World Traveler Eric Hinman

Fitness Star Attila Toth

Nike Master Trainer Max Artsis

Trainer Nick Ralich

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