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How Vital’s Social Media & Community Manager Ella Sorensen Unplugs

Welcome to The Vital Life where we spotlight Vital Proteins® employees. This week, our Social Media & Community Manager, Ella Sorensen, gives us a look inside her remote workday. 

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Lively: Thanks for sharing your day with us! To kick things off, can you tell us about what you do at Vital Proteins and what you enjoy about your role?

Ella Sorensen: I am the Social Media & Community Manager here at Vital! I, alongside my fellow Social Manager, handle all things social. This includes posting on all of our social platforms, tracking analytics, securing sweepstakes partners and so much more! I love it because no day is the same, we get to work cross-functionally with so many different departments to help support tons of initiatives such as posting about our retailers, supporting the Lively Blog and working with influencers. Social is such a front facing portion of Vital and I’m so honored to be on the team–plus it’s a forever evolving role! 

L: Walk us through your morning routine–how has it changed (or not) since staying home?

ES: My morning routine has definitely changed since I’ve started working from home over a year ago now. I used to wake up and immediately feel rushed, I had to get ready, pack a lunch, then sit in traffic for 45 minutes. Now, I’m much more relaxed—I wake up and start my day by making some hot green tea for a little caffeine kick (I always had two scoops of our Collagen Peptides). From there, I’ll log on and start catching up on any emails that may have come through overnight. Sometimes if I’m feeling really adventurous, I’ll squeeze in a 6 a.m. hot yoga sculpt class before hopping on my computer for the day.

L: Where have you been getting inspiration for projects or tasks you might be working on throughout the day?

ES: Since I’m on the social team, I’m always on my phone. I follow so many accounts personally, such as my favorite brands, influencers and even celebrities so I love pulling inspiration from them.

Lunchtime! What’s your plan? 

ES: I’m not a huge lunch person, but I absolutely love breakfast. Around 10 a.m., I’ll usually make myself avocado toast with a couple scrambled eggs, oatmeal with flax seeds and berries, or have some homemade granola.

You’re hitting your mid-afternoon slum. How do you re-energize your afternoon?

ES: I love to make myself a nice refreshing drink when I’m in need of a little afternoon pick-me-up. I love mixing our Vital Proteins Beauty Collagen™ in Lavender Lemon with water and ice to get me back on track. Plus, it’s tasty! And who doesn’t want an extra beauty boost?**

L: How have you been practicing #wellnessfromhome these days?

ES: Now that I’ve been working from home for over a year, I’ve finally realized that the secret to practicing #wellnessfromhome is all about balance. Since working and living in the same space can be tricky, it’s important to try to separate the two as best you can. I like to schedule my workouts in advance, that way when I’m having a hectic work day, I always know that I have an escape to look forward to. Right now I’m loving going to Pilates after work, it allows me to move my body and disengage with all of the technology I’ve been on all day!   

    Rapid-Fire Round

    Favorite Podcast: The Skinny Confidential

    Favorite Workout: Yoga Sculpt + Pilates Reformer Class

    Binge-Worthy Show: I’m a sucker for all things Bravo, it’s pretty much the only channel I ever watch. The Real Housewives of New York & Beverly Hills, Southern Charm and Summer House are my favorites!

    Favorite Vital Product: Our Vital Proteins® Collagen Peptides are an absolutely staple because you can add them to literally everything! I’m also obsessed with our supplements, right now I’m loving our Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies. And last but not least, our Blueberry Moon Milk Collagen Latte is a must-have for me. It’s the perfect way to wind down after a long day.

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