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A Day in the Life of Performance Marketing Manager Andy Sandine

by andy sandine - April 28, 2019

Welcome to The Vital Life, where we spotlight Vital Proteins employees. This week, performance marketing associate manager Andy Sandine gives us a peek inside his day.

the vital life

I wake up every morning at 7:45 A.M. or 8:00 A.M. (I’m not an early riser like the rest of my co-workers). I really do like to prioritize getting enough sleep for my body and it doesn’t hurt that I live close to the office. I will eat my overnight oats, occasionally jazzed up with our Dark Chocolate & Blackberry Collagen Peptides, as a quick breakfast. The next 20 minutes are just getting everything together and ready for the day like making my lunch, which usually consists of spinach, sweet potatoes, goat cheese, and chicken. This is usually just filling enough, and it helps me not go for all the snacks in the office too much.

After a 15-minute walk to the office to get my blood flowing, I’ll get settled into my desk, open up all my reports and start looking through the data trends and ad performance from the previous day, catch up on emails and projects I have pending, and plan out my day. I like to eat a little later for lunch, around 1 P.M. It’s a good resting point in the day. Usually I will need a coffee pick-me-up at 3:00 P.M., so I’ll grab some cold brew, maybe mix in some Vanilla Collagen Creamer or Collagen Peptides.

collagen whey

I really like working out in the evening. I’ve been really into boxing the last few months, I train twice a week at Soho House in formal classes, while jumping rope/heavy bag circuits other nights, in addition to weights 5-6 times a week. Learning how to get better on the speed bag and getting more advanced on the reflex ball are my top interests right now, too, for fun. After a good workout, I really like our Vanilla & Coconut Collagen Whey for post-workout. After taking multiple whey brands, I really like how light our whey tastes. Other brands usually leave me feeling a little nauseous after a 10 oz. serving and it throws off my appetite.

I don’t like to eat before working out, so dinner tends to be later; 8 P.M. is pretty normal for me. A typical weeknight dinner is a spinach chicken burger, some spicy mayo sauce, half an avocado, and then sweet potatoes. After cleaning up, I like to end the night with either some Netflix/live sports or video games with my brother. I know that the blue light is bad for you before bed, so sometimes if I can tell I’m still over-stimulated, I may reach into the fridge for a Sleep Collagen Shot (or sleep drink). This helps my body relax within minutes usually and I know I can look forward to an extra restful night of sleep.