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What’s Inside Fitness Instructor Caley Crawford's Gym Bag?

Caley Crawford is the Director of Education at Row House. When she’s not teaching others about the benefits of staying active, Crawford gets on the row machine as an instructor. Here, she gives Lively an inside peek at what she brings to the gym.

whats in my gym bag

caley crawford

Change of clothes, of course.  I don’t like getting in my car all sweaty after a workout, so I always pack a change of clothes. Typically, this includes a Lululemon sports bra, Lululemon leggings, and a Row House cotton tank. Comfy and dry of sweat! 

Water bottle. I have a terrible habit of not drinking enough water during the day, so it’s vital that I keep a water bottle with me during my workouts. I love this one as it’s insulated, and the screw top means I’ll never spill it in my bag!

The Hyperice Hypersphere mobility ball is a must have. If there’s one thing people don’t do enough of, it’s post-workout recovery. This includes stretching and mobilizing. This ball is key for me because it’s way easier to carry around than a foam roller and it vibrates which brings heat to the surface doing more in less time. [Editor note: we’re big fans of our new Defense Collagen Shot, which helps to support your overall health!] 

Bonus: They're not in the photo because they actually stay in my car but the Rodan & Fields face wipes are to die for! I always keep them in my car, just in case I need to freshen up!

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