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What's in Yoga Instructor Kelly Turner's Gym Bag?

Kelly Turner is the Director of Education at YogaSix. She’s a big-time yogi who also happens to serve as an instructor when she’s not taking a class herself. Here, she gives Lively an inside peek at what she brings to the gym.

whats in my gym bag

kelly turner gym bag

  1. Manduka Pro Lite yoga mat. I usually keep an extra mat in the car in case I can entice a friend to join me last minute for a practice. 
  2. Yogitoes mat towel. I love practicing heated yoga, and the towel is a great way to absorb sweat and keep me from sliding off the mat.
  3. Four or five workout outfits. I load up at the start of the week with a bag of yoga leggings and performance tops, often packed in an Amazon Prime cardboard box. That way, I'm set up for taking or teaching yoga, as well as jumping into a spin class, a hike at the lagoon, or any other workout opportunity that presents itself. I love brands that are comfortable handling sweat, like Beyond Yoga, Niyama Sol, and Onzie.
  4. Running shoes. While my running days are behind me, I still keep some basic tennis shoes in my car for easygoing hikes or walks on the beach.
  5. Noniko Magic Deodorant. It's the only aluminum- and paraben-free deodorant I've found that doesn't leave me smelling like a ham sandwich an hour later.
  6. Rosewater. After a hot yoga class (or any workout), I love to spritz my face with rosewater to help feel refreshed.  
  7. ConcenTrace Trace Mineral Drops. If I'm taking or teaching more than one heated yoga class in a day, I'll add in trace minerals to my water. Great way to avoid over-hydrating and depleting.  
  8. Samples! I use my post-workout freshening up as a time to try out samples I've picked up along the way, or that have been passed on to me. Typically, just cleansers and moisturizers, and the occasional hair product. If I love something, I'll invest in that for my regular rotation at home. 
  9. Tweezers. Because, let’s be real, stray hairs can happen at any time.
  10. There are going to be random spare diapers, wipes, and bags of Goldfish crackers floating around back there, too.  I'm a mom. What can I say? Always be prepared.
  11. Water bottle. The bigger, the better.

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