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6 Ways to Help Improve Your Skin While You Sleep

Beauty sleep is a real thing. Our skin experiences so much throughout the day, so it’s important we do our best to help restore it nightly. Skin is exposed to harsh winds, strong sun rays and free radicals in the air. That’s a lot to handle for our delicate skin. What are the next steps for someone looking to take care of her skin? Here are some skin-saving suggestions to get you started.

6 Ways to Help Improve Your Skin While You Sleep

1. Use an Overnight Face Mask

We all know it’s important to remove your makeup and properly wash your face before bed. But have you considered applying an overnight face mask? There are plenty of them on the market; just be sure the one you’re eyeing is moisturizing. Another option to consider is to wear your favorite sheet mask at night. This may not be the best option if you move around in your sleep. But if you are able to limit your movements, this one’s a game changer. Keep your face masks in the fridge for that cooling spa-like feel when you apply.

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2. Sleep on a Silk Pillowcase

Silk pillowcases help skin to retain moisture – unlike cotton pillowcases, which can absorb facial oils, creams or masks you’ve applied before bed. You also won’t wake up with pillow lines on your face if you happen to sleep on your side. (But more on that later). If you want to wake up with smooth, fresh-feeling skin, a silk pillowcase is the way to go.

sleep collagen shot

3. Take a Shot

Vital Proteins Sleep Collagen Shot, that is! Sleep-inducing ingredients like GABA, melatonin, and magnesium make up our shot. It also includes 7g of collagen peptides. Simply uncap and sip your way to a healthier you while also clocking in much-needed zzzz’s.

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4. Sleep on Your back

Sounds simple, right? Not for those of us who look forward to curling up like a ball in bed at the end of a long day. (There’s a lot of us!) Try to break that habit by getting accustomed to laying on your back. You’ll notice a more vibrant complexion in the morning. If you do happen to turn over on your side while you sleep, at least your silk pillowcase won’t absorb your moisturizers.

5. Invest in a Humidifier

Humidifiers will soon become your bedtime best friend in no time. They add moisture to the air while you sleep. Humidifiers are especially helpful in the winter months when the air is super dry, but it can certainly be used year-round. You don’t have to spend top dollar either; moderately priced humidifiers work just as well. Your skin will be forever grateful for the dew.

6. Drink Up

When it comes to moisturized skin, drinking enough water is crucial. If your body on the inside isn’t hydrated, your skin will likely not look hydrated. Beautiful skin starts from within – and without consuming water, your expensive cleansers, moisturizers, and oils won’t help either. Try to aim for drinking at least half your weight in fl. oz. throughout the day. Your skin will feel the difference the next day.