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The Post-Workout Beauty Advice Most of Us Forget to Follow

When it comes to sweating it out in the gym, we've accepted (for the most part) that we won't be strutting out afterward looking like an Instagram fitness model. And the point of your workout is to work hard, so you should expect to look a little sweaty when you're done. But this can wreak havoc on your skin.

Hang on, don't throw in the towel on saving your skin from sweat-induced breakouts just yet because as it turns out, you can achieve a post-workout glow that makes your skin look radiant, healthy, and less like someone who just finished a killer HIIT workout.

The best part? Following through with a post-workout beauty routine only requires a few simple steps, so you can save time and still prevent stubborn breakouts. Ready, set, go!

Use a Wipe Before and After Your Workout

While it can be a pain to remove and reapply your makeup throughout the day, it's essential when it comes to workouts. "Sweat combined with your sebum (oils) can clog your pores resulting in whiteheads and blackheads," Michele S. Green, MD tells Lively.

Be sure to give your face a good wipe afterward as well to completely rid your face of any excess product. 

Can't Take a Shower Immediately After Working Out? Use Baby Wipes

Though many of us are still working from home, if you don't have time to squeeze in a shower post-workout before your next meeting, or still have to run into the office, try baby wipes instead.  

"If you are unable to shower for a few hours, using baby wipes to wipe off any excess sweat is recommended. It will remove excess sweat, therefore preventing excess sebum and help freshen you up," says Green.

You can also try micellar water cleansing cloths, she advises: "Micellar water or cleansing wipes are great before and after a workout. This is due to its unique formulation that does an excellent job removing excess oils and dirt from your pores, which can minimize any breakouts."

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Be Gentle

Even if you just finished an aggressive kickboxing class or spent an hour riding out your frustrations in spin class, you will still want to adopt a "namaste" attitude. This is because being aggressive with skin is one of the biggest mistakes people make, post-workout. Too much tugging or pressure can cause breakouts on sensitive skin. So the next time you reach for a towel to wipe away sweat mid- or post-workout, be gentle. 

Get Out of Your Gym Clothes ASAP

We're totally on board with athleisure. The gear is ultra comfy, stylish and it doesn't hurt that there are yoga pants for every occasion. Hitting the post office? Check. Taking a "treat yourself" stroll through Target? Oh, yes. Ordering that Starbucks pick-me-up? Of course!

But if you find yourself too lazy to change out of them after a workout, think of this: bacne. When you stay in wet gym clothes, you raise your chances of developing skin issues such as chest acne, folliculitis, fungal infections, and chafing, according to Green. 

Remember: Hair Care Is Also Important

Keeping your hair pulled back serves multiple purposes. It obviously keeps your. hair out of your face while you're getting in cardio or strength training, and it keeps sweat from pooling on your skin. Make sure your hair is up and away from your neck (a lot of sweat collects here and around your face). Wear a headband to prevent sweat from getting in your eyes. To prevent crimping when you secure your hair, we recommend a hair tie like the invisibobble® as it won't leave behind harsh lines.

Another good tip is to always keep a bottle of dry shampoo in your gym bag, so you can touch up your hair after a workout. If there's a lot of sweat, use one of the gym's hair dryers (or your own) to blast volume at the roots and help prevent frizz.

That's it! Give this routine a go and you'll find that taking care of your post-workout skin is no sweat (pun intended).

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