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Get This Glowing, No-Makeup Beauty Routine

It’s time to put your makeup aside and embrace your natural beauty. There has been a ton of momentum behind going cosmetically au natural and embracing beauty by highlighting the skin. It’s no secret that natural, dewy skin is one of the best beauty secrets to looking young and vibrant. Grab your favorite collagen-infused drink and check out these tips for a serious no-makeup beauty routine!

Glowing, No-Makeup Beauty Routine

Incorporate a Morning Mask

A perfect no-makeup beauty routine starts with glowing skin. After cleansing in the morning, get some moisture back in the skin by incorporating a mask. Masks are a great way to revitalize and repair the skin. For day time applications, look for ingredients like rosehip extract, vitamin C, and honey due to their naturally brightening properties. Éminence Organics makes an amazing rosehip mask that nourishes and refines the look and feel of your skin. The ingredients gently exfoliate to reveal clear skin, while replenishing moisture and vital nutrients leaving behind a healthy glow and silky-smooth texture for all skin types. Be sure to follow up with a great moisturizer and SPF!

Instead of Foundation, Try a Skin Tint

Rather than applying foundation, which can often feel thick, try a serum that doubles as a skin tint. I recommend Vita Liberata Self-Tanning Anti Age Serum for when you need to add some extra life to your skin. Free from alcohol, parabens and toxins, it helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and leaves a smooth complexion. Simply add a few drops of this serum into your day cream for a natural healthy glow.

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no makeup beauty routine

Use a Toning Mist

Giving your skin the hydration it needs throughout the day will ensure a long-lasting glow! Using a spritz or toning mist can keep your skin’s barrier strong and hydrated with a pump of a button. Glo Skin Beauty’s Hydration Mist uses hyaluronic acid to keep your skin feeling dewy and continuously hydrated. Apply throughout the day for instant refreshment. If you really want to highlight the glow, Pixi Glow Mist is for you! This spritz is enriched with 13 natural oils plus propolis and aloe vera to hydrate and nourish with every application. 

Use a Multi-Purpose Lip Balm

Multipurpose products are great for simplifying your no-makeup beauty routine! Dr. PAWPAW tinted red balm moisturizes the skin with the same natural and hydrating formula as the original. However, the tinted lip balm can also be used on cheeks for a lively, flushed complexion.The subtle red color is just enough to make your lip color pop, and highlight your glow.

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