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Here’s Exactly How to Make Your Blowout Last

Few things can compare with the satisfying feeling that comes with getting a new blowout. A polished new 'do is right up there with seamlessly Marie Kondo-ing your closet and crossing (almost) everything off your to-do list. Lively enlisted the help of Brittany Jones – an award-winning, Denver-based hairstylist at Fox & Jane – to provide tips on how to make your blowout last days beyond your date at the salon. Here's what she had to say.

Stay Away from Any Kind of Moisture

While an intense boot camp class may do your body some good, Jones warns that hot yoga or HIIT will “flatten your blowout in no time.” Combat this by wearing your hair loosely back and maybe even wearing a sweat band. Another trick Jones recommends: “Blow out the moisture, especially at the roots, as soon as possible.”

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Be Mindful in the Shower

“As soon as you put a tight hairband in, you will create odd bend in the hair,” says Jones. “When showering, try pinning it up in a loose bun with a couple bobby pins. 

Sleep in Cooler Temperatures

“Make sure to keep your room cooler when you sleep,” she tells Lively. “We tend to sweat at night and that will flatten your blowout without you even trying! Jones also suggests investing in silk and satin pillowcases to extend the life of your blowout. “They help keep your style because your hair glides over it instead of getting bunched and tangled by other pillowcases. They also tend to produce less static!” 

To make your journey to a beautiful weeklong blowout more feasible, consider Jones’ timeline below.

Your Guide to Making Your Blowout Last

Day 1

Don't use any extra products and avoid touching your hair. 

Day 2

You should be able to keep the same style you left the salon with. It’s just a bit more "lived in" than it was yesterday. Use dry shampoo or an anti-humidity spray on this day – but only if you need it. 

Day 3

Dry shampoo! This day, you might need to spot-curl to add some life back into your locks. 

Day 4

You may need to add a dry oil or conditioner on your ends. This day, try adding a few more curls. 

Day 5

It’s the last day of your blowout! Try a half-up style or braid. Keep that dry shampoo handy! 

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