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5 Spring Makeup Trends to Inspire Your Next Makeover

By: Kristin Bugden

Kristin Bugden is a New Jersey-based mom and communications consultant. She loves to write, take barre classes and believes in a good reality television binge-watching session. Here, she shares this year's hottest makeup trends for spring.

Warmer weather is just around the corner which means you can finally hang up that puffy jacket and look forward to a rooftop cocktail or two. But that’s not all: similar to the blooms of color spring brings, it’s also time to ditch our heavy makeup and start trying out fresh looks. To that point, we spoke with a few beauty experts who shared their top makeup trends and product recommendations – just in time for spring.

1. Thicker Brows

One of the trends we can expect to see through spring are thicker eyebrows. “This trend started in the ‘80s with Brooke Shields and her combed up dense brows and now it’s back with a vengeance!” Kimberley Bosso, New York Fashion Week’s Lead Artist, tells Lively. Thankfully, there are many products out there to help perfect your brows. Bosso suggests Brow Stay from her line which can be used for brushing brows upwards and locking them into place for the day. We also love brands like Benefit and Anastasia, which have a range of tools for filling in and setting brows.

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2. Glossy Skin

As you’re scrolling through Instagram, it’s likely you’ve recently come across your favorite beauty influencers sharing selfies of themselves with skin that looks dewy and slick. “Glossy skin and makeup are all the rage but be careful with this trend: it’s certainly not for the gal who likes to gloss and go. Application should be meticulous and there is nothing long-wear about this new beauty favorite. Be ready to dab and reapply (especially around the eyes) since gloss has a way of migrating down the face,” says beauty expert Mickey Williams. To give this look a try, she suggests grabbing Milk Makeups Face Gloss, which can be applied to the cheekbones, eyes, lips and body for a vibrant glow. Want even more of a glow? We recommend adding Vital Proteins Collagen Beauty Glow to your water or smoothie to enjoy additional skin-saving ingredients, like moisture-boosting hyaluronic acid.

spring makeup trends

3. Pink Eyes and Lips

Pink eyes and lips are trending, and spring is the perfect time to give it a shot. “Soft shimmering pinks to bold cherry are the new neutrals in eyeshadow this season. Lips are also following the pink trend, but more in a natural berry to a glossy bubble gum,” says Williams. To get the look, she recommends painting your lids in one of the hues from Urban Decay’s Naked Cherry Eyeshadow Palette and swiping your lips with a tinted lip balm like Blistex’s Lip Vibrance Lip Care Balm.

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4. Overstated Blush

If you have the urge to experiment, overstated blush is a great way to do so as the weather heats up. “This is something that we makeup artists pushed at the Oscars this year. Strong peaches, pinks and mauves are a big hit right now!” says Bosso. She suggests trying the Bosso Vegan Blush palette to get this look, which has six different shades that are rich in pigment.

5. Pops of Color

Last, but certainly not least – color, color, color! “If you are more adventurous, add in an unexpected pop of color to the minimal look to take it up a notch for spring,” says makeup artist Lori Hamlin Penske. “This can be as simple as applying colored mascara alone or over black mascara. I recommend YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils Mascara in Burgundy, Extreme Blue or Fascinating Violet. I also love L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara in Cobalt Blue.”And if you feel like really getting bold, “Find shadows that have a huge color pay-off – meaning they are as intense on skin as they appear in the palette – and use them as eyeshadow and/or liner such as the HIPDOT Cenote Eye Palette,says Williams. “For a more dramatic but easy-to-apply look, I recommend using Huda Beauty Melted Shadow (in Minted & Dinero). This is a green cream eye shadow that you apply in place of eyeliner and will definitely add flair. One swipe gives you cool intense shimmer,” adds Hamlin Penske.

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