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How To Properly Layer Your Skincare Products

It’s 10 p.m. You have your skincare products lined up in front of you. All that’s left to do is apply them before finally heading to bed. But where do you start? Eran Crothers, an esthetitian with over 20 years of beauty and skincare experience, is sharing her expert advice. Here’s how to layer your skincare products.

1. Use a Makeup Remover Wipe

Before piling on serums and moisturizers, you first have to make sure your face is clean. Wipe away the day’s dirt with a makeup remover wipe, and follow it up by washing your face with a gentle cleanser. Lastly (in terms of cleansing), carefully pat your face dry. “Don’t rub aggressively when drying off your face,” advises Crothers. “This will overtime break down your elasticity in your skin.” 

2. Add a Toner

Once your face is dry, take a cotton ball and apply toner on your skin. Different toners are available for different skin types and needs. “If you are treating blemishes, you will want a clarifying toner,” she says. “Treating fine lines and wrinkles? You’ll want a pore minimizing toner.” Make sure to allow the toner to dry once it’s applied on your face. Keep busy by brushing your teeth while your face dries. Those with sensitive skin types may want to avoid using a toner.

3. Apply Your Eye Cream

“Always after the toner!” says Crothers, adding: “I’m cautious of the eye cream transferring the other products [the ones that come next] closer to my eye area, which can lead to irritation and sensitivity.”

4. Use Your Serums

It’s time to break out the Retinol or hydrating serums next. “It’s best if you use serums that are encapsulated [in capsules], so that you’re always getting the strongest, most effective product, whereas a tube will lose its efficiency over time,” explains Crothers. “Opening and reopening a tube will oxidize the product.” This leads to decreased potency over time.  

5. Top Off with a Broad Spectrum Sunscreen (A.M.) or Night Cream (P.M.)

“You’ll want to apply these right after applying the serums,” she says. “This helps to pack the serum down, penetrating below and sealing it in.”

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