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5 Collagen Products to Level Up Your Beauty Routine in 2020

Calling all beauty babes! We're here to help you get your glow on in 2020. And the best way we know how starts with these collagen products. With attractive benefits that promote healthy hair, skin, nails and joints,** it's no wonder people love reaching for these Vital Proteins options. 

Scroll on to get the scoop on the 5 collagen products you need to level up your beauty routine in 2020. 

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1. Strawberry Lemon Beauty Collagen™

Experience our fan-favorite Beauty Collagen™ flavor with delightful notes of strawberry and lemon. Beyond the refreshing taste, you'll get everything you need to nourish your inner glow in this canister, like 15g of bovine hide collagen peptides, skin-loving hyaluronic acid and gut-healthy probiotics. Mix it with yogurt, smoothies or water (for a fun way to change up the flavor!) to get it on ALL its beautiful goodness.

2. Glow Collagen Shot

Take your regimen with you wherever your plans do. For a quick boost that fits most places (and is TSA-friendly!) try this elixir. With a beautiful crew of good-for-you ingredients — like 7g of collagen peptides, 60mg of hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and biotin — it's the most convenient way to maintain your coveted gleam throughout the year. 

3. Lavender Lemon Collagen Beauty Glow

Looking for a pescatarian option? Consider this one. Like the Strawberry Lemon Beauty Collagen™, it contains biotin and hyaluronic acid. However, it's made with 10g of marine-based collagen peptides to support your dietary needs. That and the delicate citrus-floral flavor is a *dream*! 

4. Hyaluronic Acid Super Surge Capsules

Hello, hydrated skin! We love these easy vegan capsules that promote a supple complexion.** Two of them per day equip your body with 120mg of hyaluronic acid, 5x DV biotin and 2x DV vitamin C, all in support of healthy hair, skin, nails and joints.** Ummm yes, please!

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5. Collagen Peptides

We couldn't *not* include an OG, which is now thrice as nice as before thanks to the addition of skin-loving hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. You'll still get 20g of collagen per serving in an odorless and flavorless way, plus, it's Whole30® approved and Paleo-friendly! 

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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