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NourishMoveLove Blogger on Her Post-Baby Fitness Journey

You might know Lindsey Bomgren from Instagram — she’s the creator of the NourishMoveLove blog — where she shares prenatal and postpartum workouts, as well as a peek inside her life as a new mom. The fit mom blogger took time out of her busy schedule to chat with Lively about her fitness journey, how she finds time to squeeze in a sweat session, and how Vital Proteins helps her stay healthy. See what she had to say below.

Lively: What was your post-baby fitness journey like?

Lindsey Bomgren: It was humbling. As a group fitness instructor and trainer who’s always been active, taking time off post-baby was almost more mentally challenging. Physically, I knew my body needed rest. But my classes and movement were a consistent part of my life that I looked forward to every day. That said, when I was ready to start working out again, I’ll never forget those first workouts. They were so hard. It’s such a humbling experience that made me a better group fitness instructor because I have a whole new appreciation for exercise modifications. But I really looked forward to those 20-30 minutes I’d negotiate with my husband when he got home from work to have dedicated ‘me’ time. It’s something every new mom can appreciate.

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L: We imagine you’re super busy. How do you find time to work out?

LB: I realized how much of a luxury teaching and taking group fitness classes was. I had to make the transition to working out at home a lot more. While on maternity leave, I negotiated that when my husband got home from work, I get 20-30 minutes alone to work out. It still is a lot of juggling and it requires weekly planning to schedule my workouts on the calendar. It can mean early mornings and during the summer months there were a lot of stroller and park workouts too! But I know I’m a better wife and mom when I make time to move my body.

nourish move love

L: Is there a total-body workout you’d recommend for new moms or anyone in a time crunch?

LB: Yes! If you’re pregnant or newly postpartum I love this low-impact 10-Minute Mommy Workout! And if you’re back in the swing of things and just a busy mom in need of a butt-kicking 15-Minute Workout, this 15-Minute HIIT Cardio Workout Video is a personal favorite! I also have some mommy and me workouts on my blog, like this 30-Minute Run + Tone Stroller Workout and this 15-Minute Mommy + Me Workout! And these 7 Exercises for Postpartum Core Recovery + Diastase Recti were staples in my postpartum workout routine. 

L: Do you have a go-to snack you turn to when you’re craving something sweet?

LB: Yes, these No-Bake Chocolate Tahini Energy Bites and trail mix.

L: How does taking collagen as a new mom help you?

LB: I’ve always been a fan of collagen, but when my postpartum hair loss set in around 4-6 months postpartum, I became an even bigger fan and more serious about my daily intake. I think it really helped keep my hair full and lustrous. Additionally, as a new mom, life is just a little crazier and you have less time to think about yourself. I’d find myself missing meals or grabbing whatever was accessible in the fridge, so I relied on collagen to meet my daily protein needs as well.

Photos: @nourishmovelove/Instagram

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