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Maddie Pasquariello: How I Stay Healthy On The Go

Wellness guru Maddie Pasquariello took time out of her busy schedule to serve as Lively’s Guest Editor this month. Here, she writes about how she stays healthy on the go.

Between work, social activities, fitness and appointments, most of us spend so much of our time dashing from one thing to the next. And there’s not much worse than leaving your place and realizing you forgot the snack you prepped on the counter, having your headphones die midday, or leaving a workout and needing a quick hit of protein, stat. One of the most challenging things about living and working in a city is that once you leave your apartment, you’re usually out for most of the day, and whatever you’ve packed is what you’ve got! That means that preparation and planning are key. There are some things you can keep in your bag (multiple bags, let’s be real!) that can make the difference between being a hangry mess and feeling like Superwoman (or Superman). 

Though we might be lucky to have the convenience of stopping into a bodega for a quick piece of fresh fruit, it’s so much easier to just have what you need. Plus, you’ll save money and feel more relaxed going about your day. Think of these three general categories before you leave for the day: food, hydration and stress levels. If you’ve got even two of those covered for the day, consider it a win!

Staying Properly Fueled

Whether you’re dashing between appointments or getting hungry between meals, it’s vital to pack some whole food snacks and have them at the ready. This could include:

  • Apple or banana
  • Grapes or berries (pro tip: pack them in a Stasher bag)
  • Your favorite snack
  • A homemade trail mix or granola

collagen water

Boosting Hydration

The hot summer is the worst time to be dehydrated. Whether you’re dashing out of a workout or getting in some electrolytes between meals, hydration is central to a healthy routine. This includes the following:

Combatting Stress

Packing a couple of tools or incorporating self-care remedies to help you avoid or moderate stress levels can turn your day around. Not necessarily something you need to rely on every day, but these products can totally help out in a pinch.

  • Lavender essential oil
  • Headphones (tune in to tune out)
  • Mini hand lotion for dry skin

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