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A Wellness Chat With July Guest Editor Maddie Pasquariello

Every month, we introduce a new Guest Editor to share his or her musings on wellness, beauty, lifestyle, and beyond. This month, we invited wellness guru Maddie Pasquariello (@eastcoasthealth on Instagram) to take part.

Maddie Pasquariello is the creator behind @eastcoasthealth, the wellness Instagram account that boasts over 31K followers. When it comes to creating content, the future registered dietitian takes a deliciously mindful approach, offering fans an inside peek at her nutrient-packed, double-tap-worthy meals. 

Get to know this month’s Guest Editor below, from learning about her fitness journey to how she uses Vital Proteins products in her daily routine, and keep an eye out for her other two blog posts going live this week on

Lively's Interview with East Coast Health's Maddie Pasquariello

maddie pasquariello

Lively: When did you first become interested in wellness?

Maddie Pasquariello: I would say I was first exposed to wellness at a very, very young age. I grew up in a rural part of the northeast, so cooking most of our food and having access to great produce was – I'm so lucky to say – the norm. But my interest in wellness was centered around starting to cook for myself more in college, as I began getting involved with other individuals who were doing cool things in the cooking and food space.

L: Do you have any advice for people wanting to start their own fitness journey?

MP:Start slow and integrate recovery. I think these are both absolutely vital, especially if you don't have a current fitness routine. Don't jump into everything all at once. And either go to a class or gym where you can get some personalized guidance on form, or work with a trusted trainer who emphasizes good form and proper recovery.

L: We know you’re a big foodie – what is your current food obsession?

MP: Lately, I'm really into trying to eat more small meals throughout the day rather than three really big ones. I find it's much better on my digestion, I feel more satisfied, and I'm not snacking mindlessly in between meals. I'm also really obsessed with summer produce, especially cherries and stone fruit, thanks to the farmers markets we have here. 

maddie pasquariello

L: When do you feel the most confident?

MP: The first thing that comes to mind is during – or right after – a sweaty workout. But I've also found that talking to people about things I love and am passionate about always makes me feel confident and centered. As someone who struggled with confidence growing up, my best advice is to surround yourself with people who believe in you and your talents. Try to remind yourself that other people are most likely just thinking about themselves and their own needs, so do your thing and lean into it. If you feel scared, try to channel that fear into energy to propel you.

L: What is currently inspiring you?

MP: My mom, dad, and sister are always my biggest inspirations. Sounds corny, but my family is the driving force behind working hard, finding my passions, and taking time to re-center myself when I need to.

L: Is there a mantra you live by?

MP: Always be open to learning something new about yourself. We're constantly in flux and changing as humans.

L: What makes you the most excited about being Lively's Guest Editor?

MP: I'm always so humbled to be able to work with brands I truly admire and whose products I use daily. It's incredible to be able to support VP and Lively via a fun and engaging platform! Plus, I love writing, so any chance I can get to contribute something to the space is a privilege for me.

L: And of course, we have to ask: How do you incorporate Vital Proteins into your daily routine?

MP: I drink Collagen Water™ after almost all my workouts, and I add the Collagen Peptides to everything. I’m talking soups, smoothies, chia puddings – you name it! I also take the stick packs with me whenever I’m on the go for an easy boost of hydration and flavor.

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