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What Type of Vital Proteins® Fan Are You?

When it comes to collagen products, your tastes and preferences are as diverse as you are. Whether you're into holistic practices or can't get enough of the latest beauty trends, or you're hyper-focused on performance or are just here to get your dose of wellness, we've got recommendations for you to try!

Find your perfect collagen product by browsing these personas, and picking a suggestion based off of that. Let's just say we're willing to bet you'll find a new favorite that you'll quickly fall in love with. Take our word for it by scrolling below.

The Holistic Health Expert

You’re not one to follow trends, but you believe one can heal through holistic nutrition and health practices. You’ve been on the wellness train since the beginning and take nutritionists’ opinions at face value. For fun, you like doing yoga, getting acupuncture and eating anything plant-based.

Your Picks: Marine CollagenMarine Collagen Stick PacksSpirulina

The Wellness-For-Lifer

If it comes recommended, you are in! You are a loyalist to all things wellness, especially if it promises to benefit ailments you’re dealing with. And once you find your brand, you’ll be with ‘em until the end — there’s no point in sweatin’ it once something sticks! In your spare time, you can be found at SoulCycle, hiking outside or brunching with friends.

Your Picks: Collagen Peptides Stick PacksCollagen Bars™Collagen Water™

The Beauty Lover

Calling all beauty queens and kings! You are a product junkie at heart and can be found browsing the aisle of your local Sephora in search of the next great product to promote youthful appearance.** Of course, you recognize this starts from the inside, so supplements — especially ones with beauty benefits — are a major plus! Your favorite things include trips with your childhood BFFs, playing tennis or attending your neighborhood’s monthly book club. 

Your Picks: Collagen Beauty Glow, Glow Collagen Shot, Beauty Boost 

The Athletic Performer

As an athlete, you’re hyper-focused on what you’re putting in your body to maximize performance: mentally, physically and spiritually. And, to meet that criterion, the product must include high-quality ingredients. Plus, once you find it, you’ll stock up and keep using it indefinitely! When you’re not training, you can be found on the golf course, catching up on SportsCenter or trying different cuisines.  

Your Picks: Collagen Peptides, Vital Performance™ Recover, Vital Performance™ Sleep

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